9 Latest Short Bob Haircuts for 2020

Bob Hairstyles is one of the oldest and classiest hair styles that have evolved over the years. This hairstyle has created a niche for itself in the world of fashion and is one of the emerging trends. In comparison to long hair the short bob hairstyle is easily to maintain and gives a smart and youthful look to any person.

Short Bob Hairstyles

Short Bob Haircuts 2020:

There are several variations of this hairstyle, some of them are mentioned below.

1. Sleek and Smooth Short Bob Hairstyle:

Short bob hairstyles 1

This sleek hairstyle can be easily made with the help of the paddle brush that can be used for blow drying the hair. The hairstyle includes long bangs that fall beautifully on to the forehead and the eye thus creating a mysterious element. Finishing touches can be given by using the flat iron to further straighten the hair thus giving it a sleek and crisp look also.

2. Short  Layered Bob Hairstyle:

short bob hairstyles

This cool hairstyle enables the length of the hair to touch the chin while a few strands get to have fun around the face. Bangs that have been deeply partitioned can be kept all over the forehead .The layers given in this bob hairstyle have to be readily blended so as it give a very light an airy feel to the hairstyle. Adding color and highlighters to the hair accentuates the hairstyle.

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3. The Vampress Style Bob:

Another classic bob hairstyle is the vampress hairstyle that is created by giving a centre parting. This style involves even length of hair all around albeit this length is slightly more than a regular bob length. This hair cut is ideal for a round face or a square. It suits moderately thick hair and can be easily styled in several ways.

4. Platinum Ice Bob Haircut:

short bob haircuts

As the name suggests this hairstyle looks amazing on blonde hair. This hairstyle incorporates shorter hair in the back and longer hair that crosses the chin level up to an inch. It looks ideal on straight hair and does not work much for curly hair.

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5. Creamy Cut Layered Bob Hairstyle with Bangs:

short bob

Well suited to round and square contours, this hair style extends below the chin level and falls right above the shoulder level. This elongated bob hairstyle comprises of long bangs that highlight the curve of the face.

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6. Berry Bob Hairstyle:

This variation of bob hair style involves blunt bangs and linear shape to the hair. This hairstyle is adept for those who wish to underplay the denseness of their hair.To style this hair appropriately one requires to bring the bangs forward and with the help of round brush the hair can be aptly rolled inwards. Using a flat iron can help in smoothening the hair and adding a lot of style.

7. Bob Hairstyle with a Short and Wavy Variation:

This hairstyle incorporates short blunt cut with a lot of wispy layers under a façade to add a lot of softness to the hairstyle. This is ideal for those people who are bored of bangs as there is a scope of highlighting the wavy texture of the hair. The off centre parting adds to the oomph factor of this style.

8. Chocolate Delight Hairstyle:

Short Bob hairstyles 8

This type of hairstyle involves a lot of layers both at the back and also along the jawline. The best feature of this style is that the layers are well blended. Bangs are ideally side swept and give a soft look to this hairstyle.

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9. Red Raven Bob Hairstyle:

Short Bob hairstyles 9

This sleek hairstyle comprises of soft bobs without any bangs. The red color gives justice to this hairstyle by adding a lot of sheen. For pear shaped or heart shaped face one gets the liberty to add side bangs thus balancing the entire look.