9 Unique Egg Crafts Ideas And Images For Kids

Egg crafts mean recycling your egg craft cartons and using it for making an artistic design. By being creative one can easily keep their kids happy and filled with fun all the time. But one should avoid using egg cartons with egg spillages.

Best Eff Crafts and Ideas For Kids and Preschoolers:

Here are some different top 9 egg craft designs of egg craft,

1. Egg Designer Flowers as a Craft:

Egg Designer Flowers as a Craft

If one wants to decorate their room with flowers then one can use this egg carton to make wonderful egg craft. For this one would need the egg carton, paint, glue, craft needle, vase, and ribbon. From these one can make out the good egg carton crafts flower design.

2. Egg Carton Ladybug:

Egg Carton Ladybug

One can use the egg carton to get the perfect little ladybugs. One can paint them in red with black spots on them painted and add pipe cleaner antennas and googly eyes for the head. This one surely liked by your kids and you can let them to help you while making this craft.

3. Egg Tray Craft Color Matching  kids Game:

Egg Craft Color Matching kids Game

One can use the egg carton tray and paint it with any color to make a wonderful egg color match game. To make it one can put on different colors in each cup of the tray and paint it until there are 12 different colors. This design can be very fun-filled.

4. Easter Egg Funny Animal Faces as a Craft:

Easter Egg Funny Animal Faces as a Craft

One can use egg shells too to build an artistic craft like animal faces. This all depends on one’s creativity. This includes by cutting out shapes and sticking them onto the eggs to get animal faces. So this is the egg shell craft. These craft eggs are cute making fun while creating this type of crafts.

5. Easter Egg Small Egg shell Craft:

Easter Egg Small Eggshell Crafts

The Easter egg crafts can be used to make out a candle and a vase also. One can use eggshell as a container to get this. For this one need to color the egg and make a hole at the top and plant small flowers in each eggshell and display them.

6. Plastic Easter Egg Crafts:

We can use our plastic eggs for crafts to turn them into little creatures like bunnies and carrot. For this one will need plastic Easter eggs, scissors, pipe cleaners, glue and the black marker. Get this plastic egg crafts for your kids to help them to create a craft with their own idea.

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7. Egg Box Craft:

Egg Box Craft

If you want to make funny craft then this one will be good idea as a caterpillar in the form of egg box. Without throwing this box outside you can create this type of funny craft. One can use egg box to make the portrait of people. One can’t imagine that egg boxes are used for experimentation.

8. Egg Carton Dragon Craft:

Egg Carton Dragon Craft

These sweet egg carton dragon craftcan be like playing toy for children. These can be done by using Easter eggs. For this one will need the egg carton, scissors, green paint, paintbrush, craft glue and few lollipops.

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9. Seedling Pot:

Seedling Pot

One can use and recycle their egg cartons and use it as a seedling pot. This will also make kids happy by watching how a plant grows. For this one craft will need the bottom of the egg carton, potting soil and easy to grow vegetable seeds.

Some egg craft designs which can be very good for children as well as adults. The most important thing here is creativity if one is creative then one can have different egg craft ideas.

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