9 Mesmerizing Tribal Cross Tattoos

In the present fashionable era, a versatile way of depicting religious belief is through tribal cross tattoo pictures in a tattoo form. Boys and girls having a religious belief is a debatable question these days, so why cross tribal tattoos may arise, youngsters like the cross design due to its unique design and few have them due to personal belief.

Stylish and Attractive Tribal Cross Tattoos:

To know more about on tribal tattoo here are top 9 tribal cross tattoo designs.

1. Butterfly Wings Tribal Cross Tattoos:

Butterfly wings tribal cross tattoo

This type of cross tribal tattoo design is a typical woman-oriented design which has an elegant touch through the interlacing wing pattern around the cross symbol. For men, butterfly wings can be made more in a manly manner by using simple wing patterns made from single ink.

2. Tribal Cross with Anchor Design Arm Tattoo:

Tribal cross with anchor design arm tattoo

Tribal cross can be illustrated in various types of cross design which can from the pre-Christian period, Latin Christians. Anchor design tribal tattoos tell us the staunch belief of Christians towards their religion like the anchor giving a strong support to the ship.

3. Wired Cross-Tribal Tattoo Design:

Wired Cross-tribal tattoo design

The wired rope was the material used to punish Jesus while he was carrying the heavy cross, which caused him terrible pain. This painful moment is depicted as a tattoo design with the cross along with barbed wire running along the tribal cross design. It is an apt tribal tattoo for guys

4. Hypnotic Tribal Cross Tattoos Design:

Hypnotic tribal cross tattoo design

To create an illusion and a hypnotic feel when someone sees the tribal cross design tattoo through its peculiar design which is done by interlacing lines on the inside of the cross design. These twisted lines give a hypnotic feel when seen for a long time.

5. Gothic Tribal Tattoo Design with The Snake:

Gothic tribal tattoo design with the snake

Gothic designs are usually called a shady design which gives a black and a gloomy effect. To give it more a scary look an angry snake face is designed around the cross symbol. This type of design is actually not designed with religious belief instead as a fashion statement.

6. Celtic Tribal Cross Tattoos Design:

Celtic tribal cross tattoo design

Celts are known for the braveness and their dedication to their Country during the time of war. Celts people used to wear tattoo onto their bare body representing their fearlessness. One such famous tattoo design is the tribal cross tattoo.

7. Wooden Tribal Cross Tattoos Design:

This is inked as a tribal cross tattoos on arm.  Instead of going to ink a plain line cross tattoo design, this type unique and contrast tattoo design which depicts cross made from Wood with the tribal theme can be the most commonly selected design by the youngsters.

8. Tribal Cross Tattoo With Rose Design:

Rose is a definite sign of love, which can be tagged along with cross design in a tattoo form. This tribal design tattoo has curvy lines drawn into cross form and has colored roses in between the cross. This type of design shows the love towards the Lord Jesus through an artistic manner.

9. Nail Tribal Cross Tattoos Design:

The nail which was used to crucify Jesus alive onto a wooden cross which Jesus had carried along and made him lie over it and nailed him to the wooden cross. This wooden cross symbol is accompanied with red color droplets defining the blood.

Tribal designs give a contrasting touch to tattoo design when compared with the simple and usual eye attaching tattoo design. Due to its different outlook people who are not religious but like to personalize their thoughts this cross symbol is inked around their body.