9 Modern Looks of Shaggy Haircuts for Girls in 2020

9 Modern Looks of Shaggy Haircuts for Girls in 2020

What is a Shaggy Hairstyle?

The dictionary calls it a bush of hair which is not cut or trimmed regularly and is let to grow out by itself. But don’t let this definition fool you. It is a highly versatile haircut, with lots of layering at the crown of your head. It tends to play up the better features of your face and also helps frame it that much better irrespective of the texture.

shaggy hairstyles

It is so versatile that it works out for both men and women. A shag cut, originally created by the barber Paul McGregor, was simply hair layered to various lengths. Due to its feathery appearance some even refer to it as a feather cut.

Shaggy Haircuts for Short hair.

Want to try out a shag haircut? Here is a pick of the nine best shaggy hairstyles for women.

1.The Shaggy Best:

The best version was carried out by Sienna Miller. It’s a short shag hairstyle with lot of texturing with respect to the hair color.

It was for playing the role of a 1960’s socialite and artist Andy Warhol’s muse Edie Sedgwick in the movie, Factory Girl (2020). This look was recently also donned by actress Jennifer Lawrence at a red carpet gala.

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2. The Pixie Shag Haircut:

Want to go all out with a super short crop then try out the pixie shag. Actress Emma Watson looks fresh out of never land with this tinker bell style hair.

You can make this sleek and sophisticated with some styling mousse, or make it totally whacky with spikes. Either ways this hair can be styled from cuteness to craziness within flicks.

3. The Edgy Shag Haircut:

Want an edgy swing to your look? Try the fohawk shag. It’s a faux Mohawk hairstyle that is a rage amongst both men and women alike. Kimberly Wyatt is adding fun to this edgy look as seen here.

Shaggy Haircuts for Girls - 2020

Singer, Pink usually sports similar shag hairstyles in most of her appearances.

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4. The Tamed Shag:

Shaggy hair does not necessarily mean untamed awry hair flying everywhere. If you’re looking for a shoulder length layered hairstyle which is light and yet sober, then try this tamed shag like Anne Hathaway.

It is graceful, fun and low maintenance all at the same time. Similar medium length shag is sported by the character Penny from the sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”.

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5. The Rachel Shag:

It is the shag of all shags. This popular shag was a style staple for most of the nineties. It is the most iconic hairstyles of our generation. One can never go wrong with the RACHEL.

One can add to the style with some intelligent colouring and streaking. One can try the ombre coloring style which makes it a viable hairstyle even when the shag grows out. This is the popular shaggy hairstyles for thick hair.

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6. The Feather Shag Haircut:

As the name suggests the hairstyle involves lots of layering and includes a highly volumized crown. The best example of this hairstyle is actress Jane Fonda.

This look suits the young and old alike. If thinning crown hair is your problem, then make this hairstyle your own.

7. The Bright Shag:

Want your shag to stand out? Then take a page out of Katy Perry’s style book. The bright pop of colours makes this otherwise simple shag, totally eye-catching.

8. The Gothic Shag Haircut:

Take asymmetry to the very extreme, try out this look made popular by singer Rihanna. Shaved hair on the sides and a huge mop of hair in the centre with either side parting summarizes this look.

9. The Long Shag Haircut:

The shags are not restricted to short or medium length hair. One can work out long shag hairstyles seen on Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale and even Jennifer Lopez.

So whether it’s the straight-out-of-bed look or the low maintenance bit that appeals to you, try out some of these fun shaggy hair styles and get a fun makeover.