5 Ways You’re Ruining Your Relationship

5 Ways You’re Ruining Your Relationship

Conquering your cutie is not enough to maintain a lifelong relationship. It is also important to control your reactions and behavior to make sure you avoid conflicts. The most common 5 ways to ruin your relationship presented below will provide you with a list of factors that can sabotage a harmonious couple life.

No.1 You Bring Up Delicate Issues on Public Events

Usually couples tend to hide their conflicts. However, if you have a special talent to bring up delicate issues on public events, family dinners and other festivities, sooner or later your cutie will get sick and tired of accusations. A similar factor can trigger a series of problems, some of them impossible to solve.The solution is to pay special attention to timing.

5 Ways You’re Ruining Your Relationship

No.2 You Keep the Score of Favors

It might seem a pretty minor problem, however girls who just can’t stop keeping the score of favors might face cold shoulders from their partners.

Quit complaining about the lack of appreciation and learn how to convince your boyfriend to please you without blackmailing and other dirty tricks.

No.3 Overcommunicating

This is one of the most surprising factors that can ruin your relationship. Sharing your thoughts, needs and dreams with your partner is a must, however you can also preserve your mysterious allure by resisting the need to tell everything.

Keep a few precious ideas and facts for special occasions. Your boyfriend will appreciate these especially if you tell him that he’s the only one who knows a few delicate things about you.

No.4 Confidence Issues

Complaining about your figure is a waste of time and can irritate men. It’s time to get rid of this bad habit and try to feel comfortable in your skin. Guys simply adore girls who radiate confidence and know how to bring out the most of their sex-appeal. Believe him if he says you’re attractive and learn the art of intimacy to make him feel attractive too. This is the secret of a harmonious relationship.

No.5 You Share Your Secrets With Your Friends

Discretion is one of the chief qualities of a good relationship. Therefore, be sure to keep various aspects of your love life for yourself and your partner. Men can feel extremely vulnerable and irritated if they find out about a problem or a secret from their friends and not their partner. Talk over the delicate issues with your boyfriend rather than confessing them to your friends.

5 Ways You’re Ruining Your Relationship

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