9 Most-Liked Head Tattoos for Women and Men

Head tattoos are also becoming a trend nowadays not only for men, but also for women. But it is most common among men. It is good decision to have a tattoo on the head if the person wants to shave his head all the time or want to remain bald. So head tattoo is the best option. It is very difficult and painful while crafting. Now it is becoming popular among women too.

Best and Stylish Head Tattoos With Images:

Here are some head tattoo designs.

1. Side Head Tattoos:

head tattoos

Some people have tattoos on their side instead of having it on a full head that is the full head tattoo. Such types of tattoos are crafted on the side of the head above the ear and above the neck. Women usually make such type of tattoos. It is common for the women who like to have short hair. They are women head tattoos.

2. Full Head Tattoos:

Full Head Tattoos

Guys who are naturally bald or like to remain bald have such type of tattoos. It is a good way for them to cover their head. It is very popular among men. It is good for people having frequent hair loss so tattooing on a full head is better and more fashionable as compared to remaining bald. Here’s the look of men having the bald head tattoo.

3. Tribal Head Tattoos:

Tribal Head Tattoos

Tribal head tattoos are common among both men and women. These types of tattoos are usually painted black in color. Tribal tattoo designs evolve from ancient tradition and cultures. But they are attention grabbing.

4. Fantasy Tattoos:

Fantasy Tattoos

It can be the tattoo of any fantasy or creatures. These types of tattoo design are liked by peoples who are very creative and are fond of fantasy figures. They enjoy such type of tattoos as their love for fantasy figures turns realistic. Here you can see in the figure

5. Head Text Tattoos:

Head Text Tattoos

Some people like to craft different types of text on their head. They can be of their loved ones. They fill a little space on the head and are ideal for side head tattoos. These are small head tattoos.

6. Flower Tattoos:

Flower Tattoos

These are woman head tattoos. The flower tattoos can be of different kinds and colors. The flower tattoos create a pleasing effect and look attractive. The flower tattoos on the head really have a cool effect. These are cool head tattoos. They have a feminine effect.

7. Web Based Tattoos:

Web Based Tattoos

Many people are fond of having tattoos like the design of spider web tattoo on their head. This tattoo demonstrates struggle in life just like spider web. Web based tattoos are more common among men. They are mostly painted black in color.

8. Girls Face Side Head Tattoo:

Girls Face Side Head Tattoo

Some girls like to have tattoos of their face look on their head. This is a really cool tattoo to have. These are female head tattoos. These types of tattoos demonstrate a women’s personality and look attractive.

9. Devotee’s Tattoos:

Devotee's Tattoos

Some people like to have tattoos of their favorite gods and goddesses carved on their head. This can be considered as one of the best head tattoos and these types of tattoos look very decent and beautiful.

Head tattoos are also becoming a trend, especially in men. These head tattoos are for men who are bald or who like to shave their heads all the time. One should think properly before having head tattoos. Head tattoos are not bad, but you need to take a try with a temporary head tattoo design first.