9 Topmost Lightning Tattoos for 2020

The best and coolest way to express your love for nature is by inking yourself with your favorite natural activity. This includes Lightning and bolts. Many young people love the lightning theme when it comes to ‘electrified’ look.

Lightning tattoos can be made with different style and themes depending on the place where it is inked. The latest tech includes glowing fluorescent paints. The lightning might be thunder or electrical spark.

Best and Stylish Lightning Tattoos:

Let’s see the here with mentioned lightning tattoo designs.

1. Realistic Lightning Tattoo Designs:

Realistic lightning tattoo designs

The realistic Lightning tattoo designs are mostly lightning bolt tattoos made with multicolor. The ultimate aim of these tattoos is to create a more realistic look compared to other tattoo designs. Mostly it depends on where you want actually this tattoo design, it looks great on your hand.

2. Real Lightning Scar Tattoos:

Real Lightning scar tattoos

When lightning strikes someone, it leaves a scar looking like lightning and some people make these scars into tattoos. These lightning scar tattoos form real tattoos and these can be colored or left as such. They give look similar to scarred tattoos. If you are ok with normal but classic style, then you can go with this type design for your lightening tattoo collections.

3. Traditional Lightning Tattoo Designs:

Traditional Lightning tattoo designs

The traditional Lightning tattoo designs are made with the portrait of the lightning god Zeus or his son Thor. These lightning tattoos are designed to convey the story of lightning god or his son Thor. Such design needs proper attention, so when you try to figure out this then go with the professional tattoo designer to design this pattern.

4. UV Lightning Tattoo Designs:

UV Lightning tattoo designs

The UV lightning tattoo designs are simple lightning strike tattoo made with a special ink which glows under UV light. These are mostly simple stroke of the lightning and are not of much complex design. It looks like a powerful and shine, get some natural way UV style design as per your choice.

5. Unique Lightning Bolt Tattoo Designs:

Unique lightning bolt tattoo designs

The Unique lighting tattoo designs are lightning bolt tattoo designed more unique and is also mixed with other styles. Sometimes these are mixed with techie style to make it more modern and trendy. Such design describes the pattern of attitude.

6. Tell Your Story in Temporary Lightning Tattoo Designs:

Tell your story in temporary Lightningtattoo designs

These are the lightning bolt temporary tattoo made with multicolor and resemble a painting. These are made with a theme or to convey the story of a particular person. If you don’t want to go with permanent tattoo then tell to your tattoo designer for such kind of temporary tattoo style.

7. Dark Lightning Tattoo Designs:

Dark lightningtattoo designs

These are mostly lightning storm tattoo designs made with black color and these convey the dark side of a situation or a person. These mostly include some mythical creatures and deserted place or storm.

8. Electrifying Lightning Tattoo Designs:

Electrifying Lightning tattoo designs

These electrifying Lightning tattoo designs on arm are realistic lightning tattoo designs and are mostly non-thunder lightning which is caused by electricity. These are made with light bulbs, smoke and lightning stroke.

9. Rain and Thunder Lightning Tattoo Designs:

Rain and thunder Lightning tattoo designs

These lightning tattoos are mostly with rain, thunder, clouds and lightning strokes. These are also made with multicolor sometimes or only the lightning stroke is made with different color to make it more special.

The lightning tattoos are always electrifying and it can be made more real and sparkling with different colors and fluorescent colors. These also depend on the place where they are inked. Some people ink the tattoos on whole back or chest and this makes it more realistic and expressive.