9 Most Stimulating Pin Up Tattoo Designs for Girls

The trend of Pin Up tattoos arrived by sailors who travel their entire life seaways leaving their family behind, in order to see their wives face everyday sailors drew their wives have as a tattoo, this in later years came up as the pin up girls tattoo showcasing women power and other faces of women like the devil, sad and energetic faces as a tattoo design.

Best and Stylish Pin Up Tattoo Designs for Girls:

Let’s have a brief read on the most popular top 9 Pin up girl tattoo designs.

1. Pirate Pin Up Girl Tattoo:

Pirate Pin Up Girl tattoo

Pirates are known for their out casting makeup done to their face, which is highlighted through black eye make and with accessories. For those people who are in love with Pirates get up, then they can try a pirate pin up girl tattoo art design.

2. Captain Look Pin Up Girl Tattoo:

Captain look Pin Up Girl tattoo

As we know that pin up tattoos came from people who travel see ways and miss their family a lot. Then decided to have their wife fave inked as a tattoo. Instead of simply painting a female face, a change can be made by drawing a girl tattoo with a captain get up.

3. Mermaid Pin Up Girl Tattoo:

Mermaid Pin Up Girl tattoo

Mermaids are considered as the beauty queen with a perfect body shape which tails down perfectly. The mermaids inked as a pin up tattoo design portrayed the beauty of women and feminine nature. The fishtail body is painted with bluish-green color and the upper part of the body is painted in brown skin tone.

4. Sailor Look Pin Up Girl Tattoo:

Sailor Look Pin Up girl tattoo

One of the commonly worn pin up style tattoo design by guys as an arm tattoo design. Gents can ink their favourite female actress as a tattoo with Pin ups Sailor theme design, this pin up girls tattoo suits well as an arm tattoo.

5. Vintage Cowgirl Look Pin Up Tattoo:

Vintage Cowgirl Look Pin Up tattoo

This kind of vintage look tattoo has become quite popular among boys and girls. The pinup tattoo girl with a big hat and boots with a mini A line skirt and shirt is a Standard design.

6. Pastry Maker Look Pin Up Tattoo:

Pastry Maker Look Pin Up tattoo

This type of pin up girl with red polka dot apron dressed girl holding a tray with cake is definitely a new type of tattoo design which creates a unique identity when it is designed as arm tattoo.

7. Devil Pin Up Girl Tattoo:

Devil Pin Up Girl tattoo

The Devil Pin up girl tattoos design showcase the other black emotional side of every woman which many guys like to have it as a tattoo design more than girls.

8. Pin-Up Girl With Car Tattoo:

PinUp Girl with car Tattoo

Women are sporty like guys, is the meaning bought out by this tattoo design. A bold girl image is used sitting next to the red car which many guys like to have these pin up girl tattoos as an arm tattoo design.

9. Women Power Pin Up Tattoo:

Women Power PinUp tattoo

Women who believe in displaying feminine gender as a powerful and strong gender among the people can draw this pinup woman tattoo with strong words written below the tattoo and men’s who are into spreading women power among people can represent their opinion through this women power pinup tattoo design.

Pin up tattoo is designed with a girl image than a boy image since the trend of pin up girl tattoo is famous and more attractive. A sexy sailor pin up girl tattoo to a woman’s power pin-up tattoo is definitely more eye-catchy which men definitely want to have a tattoo design.