9 Awesome Full Finger Ring Designs For Women And Men In India

Full rings are the ones which cover the whole part of your finger; they start from nail ending to the last part of the finger. They are available in gold, silver both. These are available for both men and women, as they are more in fashion these days.

Different Full Finger Ring Designs In Gold, Silver And Diamond Format:

Here is some top 9 full ring design that you can get it for yourself,

1. Leaf Full Finger Ring:

Leaf Full Finger Ring

This is a leaf full-finger design, it has a leaf shape which has a leaf carving from bottom to top, it is made of diamonds has exactly shape like that of the leaf, has diamonds to the carving of the leaf so it is a full finger diamond ring.

2. Gold Full Finger Ring:

Gold Full Finger Ring

These full-finger gold ring designs are the kind which is purely made out of gold has different shapes or design made out on it, like a flower or a mandala design made on it, also there can be some diamond stuck to make it look more attractive.

3. Spiral Full Ring:

Spiral Full Ring

One most popular full finger ring is the spiral ring that is made in shape of a spiral, it starts from the top goes round and round and rounds till the bottom with a thin layer of gold around it, also a little gold drop around it.

4. Black Full Ring:

Black Full Ring

Here is one cool design in full ring it is the black full finger ring, made entirely from black material. This is artificial which is not made from gold but it has some diamonds attach to it, which shines brightly.

5. Criss Cross Full Ring:

Criss Cross Full Ring

This ring is quite popular as it is in fashion and is worn by women, its design is in a criss-cross, made with diamonds and gold, it stretches from the nail with a gap in between to the bottom. This is mainly full finger rings for women because of its design.

6. Silver Full Finger Ring:

Silver Full Finger Ring

The silver full finger rings are entirely made of a silver material; it has silver carving made with little design, it covers the whole part of the finger, it can also have some pearls attach to it, to make it look even more attractive.

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7. Flower Full Finger Ring:

Flower Full Finger Ring

This is a unique concept where the ring has some flower made on it as a design, this is better known as full finger sterling silver rings as it can also be made out of silver material and has a little chain attached to it.

8. Thin Carving Full Finger Ring:

Thin Carving Full Finger Ring

The thin carving full finger rings for men is a unique concept which is made for men, as they usually don’t wear rings but this ring is designed for men it has a thin carving, usually messy too, but looks attractive.

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9. Double Ring:

Double Ring

The full finger rings gold design which has a ring attached to it, on the side of it, which makes it a double ring, the one ring has full-finger design and the other one is the side one which is small particularly not a full finger.

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There are lots of full finger designs out in the market you can choose any of them, to make your finger look attractive, you can also get these customized, which is even more attractive, these rings are new in fashion and look good on almost everyone.