9 Popular and Best Korean Face Masks

Korean face mask is the new trend that is sweeping the beauty market today. These sheet masks are made of fabric soaked in nutrition serum and active ingredients. They are free of animal ingredients, mineral oil, perfume and colourants. It hydrates, removes excess oil, reduces acne,lightens skin tone and encourages collagen production in the skin. So, without much ado, here are top 9 Korean face mask to help with your beauty treatment.

Famous and Good Korean Face Masks for Beauty Treatment:

Let we have to look at the top 9 Korean face mask brands.

1. Innis free Skin Clinic Mask – Vita C:

This Korean whitening face mask contains vitamin C, a brightening agent. This mask reduces age spots and moisturizes the skin to give an instant glow.

Price: 150 INR for 20 ml

2. The Face Shop Real Nature Shea Butter Face Mask:

This Korean hydrating face mask containing shea butter mask calms sensitive skin. The rich extracts with soothing properties softens and hydrates the skin leaving the it soft and supple.

Price: 100 INR for 20 g

3. Dear Packer Royal Black Tea & Black Rose Hydrogel Mask:

Made from black tea and rose extracts, this Korean black face mask contains real tea pieces. Black tea contains vitamin B2, C, E, minerals magnesium, potassium, zinc and other essential oils which prevents premature aging, induces regeneration and gives a luminous glow to the skin.

Price: 400 INR for 1 pack

4. Mond’Sub Seaweed and Hyaluronic Acid Facial Mask:

This Korean facial pack moisturizes, rehydrates, brightens and smoothens skin texture. It is an instant mask which accelerates cell renewal and acts as an anti-wrinkle treatment.

Price: 149 INR for 1 pack

5. LuxaDerme Brightening Bio Cellulose Face Sheet Mask:

Made out of 100 percent natural fermented coconut jelly, this bio cellulose sheet adheres to the face like second skin. This Korean face pack helps reduce pigmentation, photo aging and de-tans leaving the skin dewy and even toned.

Price: 439 INR for 1 pack

6. The Face Shop Real Nature Face Mask:

This mask containing pomegranate extracts leaves skin nourished and clean. It is a top Korean face mask with hypoallergenic qualities which, makes it suitable for all skin types. It is very easy to use and gives gorgeous skin in minutes. Face Shop offers many Korean beauty face masks to choose from for various needs.

Price: 500 INR for 1 pack

7. Skin Factory – Ampoule Mask:

This mask is drenched in 30 ml dense serum and is designed with a second opening to apply the excess serum on the face before the mask. It is made of cellulose to soak up the essence. The mask reduces fine lines, increase skin elasticity to give a youthful look. It is one of the best Korean face mask.

Price: 206 INR for 1 pack

8. Etude House – Therapy Air Mask:

This lightweight mask is made of natural extracts. It contains purified water and natural ingredients like pearl extract, damask rose, snail slime, aloe or tea tree to hydrate the skin. The mask is thinnest as compared to other in the same category and it leaves the skin nourished and healthy with a subtle aroma.

Price: 249 INR for 1 pack

9. Skin Food – Everyday Facial Mask Sheet:

The sheet masks are infused with vitamin B, calcium zinc and lactic acid. They are natural and act as good exfoliant. They come in a variety of 23 flavours from strawberry to caviar. Formulated with revitalizing nutrients, they promote cell growth and renewal.

Price: 167 INR for 1 pack

Beauty may be just skin deep, but surely needs good maintenance. A Korean face mask is definitely a quick and easy way to sustain skin tone, texture and age and they are economical too.