9 Stunning Ship Tattoo Ideas, Designs and Meaning

Ship tattoo is a tattoo that is made with the ocean in mind. The tattoos can be done with just the ship in the picture or with waters that are calm or wild.

Best Ship Tattoo Designs and Ideas For Men and Women:

Let’s see the top 9 ship tattoo designs and meaning.

1. Arm Ship Tattoo:

Arm Ship Tattoo

You can get yourself a gorgeous nautical tattoo for your arm that has all the details intricately done. The wonderful waterfront adds to the beauty of the tattoo. This needs to be done by a professional so that the outcome is just a masterpiece.

2. Traditional Tattoo:

Traditional Ship Tattoo

The best tattoo that is done for most is the traditional ship tattoo that has the wonderful American style. Here you have the ship in the sea and a cute bird that flies above. A rose or any other flower is also added for character. This tattoo is usually done with colors so that it stands out.

3. Tattoo for Sleeve:

Ship Tattoo for Sleeve

Men can get a stunning ship tattoo sleeve done that fills the entire arm. This tattoo can be done with a large ship in the ocean and raging seas. The waters when done with perfection will add a lot a drama to the tattoo. This makes it very eye-catching.

4. Unique Pattern Tattoo:

Unique Pattern Ship Tattoo

For ladies and those who love the tiny and unique stuff, this small ship tattoo is the one for you. This tattoo has the tiny ship with a few wordings done on the bottom. The tattoo is done in the old style and you can get this done behind your ear or any other place where a small tattoo stands out.

5. Blue Ship Tattoo:

Blue Ship Tattoo

Get this blue ship tattoo that has to be done on the arm. The blue tinge of color used in the tattoo gets beautiful when completed. The blue of the water is then done in the ship too, and this ship sleeve tattoo adds character to your arm. You can get the waters to be made choppy or calm.

6. Bottle Tattoo:

Bottle Ship Tattoo

The ship in the bottle is a very old theory and made by many people. To put it in a tattoo is just the next step. You can have your ship in the bottle tattoo done on the arm. This ship tattoo arm makes a wonderful tattoo that looks very intriguing.

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7. Majestic Tattoo:

Majestic Ship Tattoo

Get yourself a gorgeous and dazzling tattoo that is made in the neo traditional style. This ship traditional tattoo is the best you can get. The portrait style tattoo is done round a sailors rope. The flowers add style and elegance to the tattoo.

8. Simple Tattoo:

For those interested in simple yet elegant tattoos, this is just the type you should consider. The tattoo is a simple ship tattoo that makes the children’s drawing into a tattoo. The lines include just the outside of the ship.

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9. Japanese Tattoo:

Get a traditional Japanese ship tattoo with all the details included. This tattoo is done on calm waters. The main point of this Japanese tattoo is the sails of the ship. Those are done artistically. Try these as a ship tattoo forearm where it is visible.

Ship tattoo can be done in many methods. Try the traditional or the Japanese, or else go with tiny and simple. Try some these tattoos on your arm and show your attitudes to your friends, nice collection of tattoos are always best for men and women’s. These tattoos are especially preferred by men’s who work as a sailor or some youngsters too.

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