9 Stylish Medium Hairstyles With Bangs in Trend

Every time you walk into a salon, you are given a large variety of every kind of hairstyle, the long banged ones, the pixie cuts and the French locks. However, one of the burning questions that burn at the back of your mind is what and which hairstyle to opt for which would suit your face and at the same time be trendy enough to make heads turn. This is exactly why here is a list you should check every time you think of hitting the salon. The article here enlists the different types of hairstyles in medium length hair with bangs that you can take a cue from.

Latest and Beautiful Medium Hairstyles With Bangs in 2020:

Let we have to look at the top 9 medium hairstyles with bangs.

1. The Full Bangs:

Medium Hairstyles With Bangs

The full length lock is definitely a piece worth consideration, mostly for the middle aged beauties where the look tagged along with a middle parting would definitely bring about the maturity in you whilst maintaining that aura about your look. Even though the front lock doesn’t go all the way down, this is significantly the longest the lock goes.

2. The Layers:

Medium Hairstyles With layers

Hairs in layers are always the best in the lot, especially if you have a fine head of hair and want to combat hair thinning problems. The front bangs are swept to one side while the entire hair all the way goes down to the end in layers and steps. A little color at the end of each lock adds to the beauty.

3. Side Swept:

medium hairstyles with bangs 3

This hairstyle mainly is official in its appeal and yet is alluring enough for you to keep them heads turning. However, the hair is softly falling on the surface of the forehead in layers of two. The front and above layers are fluffy and bouncy while the lower layers are solid and falling in steps.

4. The Front Bangs:

Medium Hairstyles With Bangs 4

The front banged look is definitely the most mainstream common fashion where the entire front lock is fashioned in one of those Chinese styled over the forehead layers, the front locks covering the whole of the forehead. The rest of the hair is however in layers of one or two.

5. The Waves:

medium hairstyles with bangs 5

Once the hair is in soft curls, you need not worry about you locks anymore. Locks are the best when they fall soft and wavy across your side. The hair here is made up into a soft side bun while the layer on the front is soft and wavy. Even with open hair you may sport the best of the lock.

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6. Bieber Style:

Bieber look hairStyle

Remember the famous look from the first ever Justin Bieber video, Baby? Here is a slightly different version to the usual look but here the hair is soft and in small crisp layers. To start off the front lock is soft and limited to the forehead while the rest of the hair is waved inward into soft layers.

7. The Braid And The Side Bangs:

medium hairstyles with bangs 7

Braids have always been an attraction to any hairstyle, regardless their length or texture. This hairstyle is inspired by one of those braids on one side while the rest of the hair, medium length falls freely into a princess curl. The hair on the front falls in short locks.

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8. Bang On:

Medium Hairstyles With Bangs 8

Luscious hair needs no caption and yet amongst the soft curls and softer textures, the locks on the front seem to mingle with the rest of the locks forming the perfect set of luster and lock.

9. Over The Forehead:

medium hairstyles with bangs 9

The last to the list of the awesome hairstyles limits us to a long bob with sweetly swept side bangs. A perfect hair clip would just be perfect right now to accentuate the look.

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