Hairstyles That Minimize Flaws

Hairstyles That Minimize Flaws

When trying to hide certain facial flaws most women turn to makeup to help them achieve this beauty goal. While using makeup to camouflage the features we are not so proud of is a very clever strategy in order to achieve maximum glamor and to get as close to perfection as possible, we should learn how to take advantage of all beauty techniques available. When it comes to our facial features, the hairstyle we choose has an even greater impact than we can imagine.

Although most women know that the success of a certain hairstyle greatly depends on our face shape, they often don’t realize that the hairstyle they choose could help them truly show off their best features or, on the contrary, sabotage their best efforts when the wrong choice is made.

Choosing a hairstyle to suit our face shape is a good first step that can be taken because it will help ensure that our facial features are generally balanced. However, when we aim to correct certain imperfections, additional steps should be taken to be able to create better proportions. Here are a few guidelines that can be used to ensure that the hairstyle choices we make are both smart and flattering:

Hairstyles for Double chin

Perhaps the most important rule when it comes to hiding a straight hairstyles are not a good choice either because they can draw the attention to the chin even more.

Choppy layers on the other hand can help provide structure while creating interest on other parts of the face. Short hairstyles are an excellent choice as well due to the fact that they attract the attention at the cheekbones rather than the chin.

Hairstyles That Minimize Flaws Hairstyles That Minimize Flaws Hairstyles That Minimize Flaws Hairstyles That Minimize Flaws

Hairstyles for Big forehead

One of the most obvious ways to conceal a big forehead is to add bangs. Full, straight cut bangs is the most efficient solution for hiding a wide forehead, but if full bangs won’t be flattering for your facial features, there are plenty of other options you can try. Curly or wavy hair styles paired with wispy bangs are a great way to create more even proportions and to minimize width.

If you like short hair, make sure that you choose an asymmetrical cut. A razored haircut can be an excellent choice. For a medium hairstyle that would look flattering you can choose an inverted bob hairstyle as well as a messy bob hairstyle.

Hairstyles for Big ears

When it comes to big ears it becomes fairly obvious that short hairstyles won’t do us any favor for camouflaging this flaw. Instead, opting for cleverly chosen medium and long hairstyles is the way to go.

Adding volume as well as well as curling our hair can be a great instant solution to our problems. If however you cannot resist to the feeling of seduction that a sleek straight hairstyle can provide, there’s no need to worry. By creating a few sweeping arcs with your flat iron, you will still get the much needed volume that can help you camouflage your ears while letting you enjoy the modern look that a sleek straight hairstyle can provide.

Hairstyles That Minimize Flaws Hairstyles That Minimize Flaws Hairstyles That Minimize Flaws Hairstyles That Minimize Flaws

Hairstyles for Prominent nose

Having a prominent nose is a common problem that makes many women want to turn to plastic surgery in order to correct it. However, this problem can be easily solved by knowing what hair styles emphasize this feature the most and which ones are the most suitable to make this feature as unnoticeable as possible. The most basic way to make the nose look smaller is by boosting hair volume.

Another easy way to draw attention from a big nose is to choose a layered hairstyle that will add softness to the facial features. The most suitable hairstyles are long and medium hairstyles as these can distract attention from the nose a lot more efficiently than the short crops.

As a matter of fact, pixie hairstyles as well as sedu hairstyles are among the worst offenders when it comes to a big nose and should be avoided as much as possible. On the other hand, adding a few soft curls might prove to be the recipe for success.