Beauty Tricks to Look Younger

Beauty Tricks to Look Younger

The choices we make when it comes to our fashion style, makeup, hairstyle as well as habits that have the potential to impact our overall health are all things we need to consider if we are willing to turn down the clock and conceal our real age. All of these choices can have a measurable impact on how the perception concerning our real age changes so it’s essential to think about all of these aspects and incorporate as many of the anti aging strategies as possible into our routines. Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind to be able to to create a more youthful overall look: Beauty Tricks to Look Younger


Revising our makeup style periodically is highly recommended in order to be able to maintain an age appropriate makeup. As we get older we need emphasize our features differently. For example liquid foundation are a better choice than powder formula as it will add a more natural glow to the skin, compensating for the loss of skin glow that tends to become more pronounced with the passage of time.

A foundation with light reflecting particles can even eliminate the need for a highlighter. A navy eyeliner is a better choice compared to a black one after a certain age as it is less harsh for your features and will brighten your eyes. Applying highlighter in the outer corner of the eyes will make enhance this effect as well.

Wearing blush will emphasize your eyes even more by warming up the face. Warm shimmery shades such as cocoa, copper or bronze are good choices. A light shade of lipstick and a lip gloss will complete the look creating a more youthful image.


Keeping up with the latest fashion trends is perhaps one of the most crucial aspects of trying to appear younger. By being informed you will be more likely to find flattering combinations that will enhance your features and will demonstrate your good sense of style. One of the biggest mistakes elder women make is choosing clothes that look old and dated thinking these are the ones that will suit them. However, this attitude is very damaging as will have a contrary effect, making them look older. Baggy clothes and mini skirts are a no no after you turn 40. If you like to wear prints consider going for classical patterns. When it comes to jewelry gold and silver remain classical choices that are universally flattering. Also consider changing your fragrance. Studies show that women who opt for citrus scents are perceived up to 10 years younger than they really are. Beauty Tricks to Look Younger


In terms of hair styling there are a lot of upgrades that can give you a youthful appearance. A shoulder length hairstyle is one of the best hair lengths you can aim for due to the fact that it will provide enough flexibility without weighting the face down like longer hairstyles might. Adding bangs is another well known trick to take years off the face.

Boosting volume is another good idea when trying to look younger as the face will be lifted from a visual point of view. A side part can also be a quick rejuvenating hairstyle as the hair tends to become grayer on the part you tend to wear more often. If you change your part you can instantly create a fresher look. Adding a few highlights is also helpful as they tend to brighten your complexion.

Skin care

One of the most important rule when it comes to skin care is using a broad spectrum sunscreen of 30. As we grow older, the hair tends to become thinner and the loss of collagen is more accentuated so opting for a higher SPF is highly recommended. Coenzime Q 10 supplements are also highly recommended. Creams containing retinoids remain some of the most effective anti aging weapons so use them regularly. Make sure to extend your care routine to the neck and decolletage areas as well as they are often forgotten, unveiling the signs of aging.

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