Best Beauty and Makeup Secrets for Gorgeous Lips

Best Beauty and Makeup Secrets for Gorgeous Lips

If you want gorgeous lips, you need to commit yourself fully to keep them beautiful and to get the best out of your makeup. Discover the best beauty and makeup secrets for gorgeous lips and you smile will always be radiant.

From protecting your lips from environmental damage to getting them to look just right, whether you’re wearing makeup or not, here are the expert tips on beautiful lips you can’t miss.

Protect the Moisture In Your Lips

When you’re thirsty, your body is already dehydrated and calling the alarm. Keeping moisture locked in your lips depends on a lot of factors, but the first thing you can do it drink 8 glasses of water daily. Once you’ve got that covered, refrain from licking your lips excessively, since saliva also dries your lips. Wear sunscreen on your lips daily with the right SPF to prevent them from drying out when you’re out in the sun.

Best Beauty and Makeup Secrets for Gorgeous Lips

Use Your Lip Liner Correctly for Extra Plumpness

Going outside the natural lines of your lips with the liner rarely makes for a good look. Instead, use one of the best makeup secrets for gorgeous lips. Use a lip liner that’s one shade darker than your lipstick and apply it from the edges of your lips leaving only the center part of your lips. Start applying your lipstick from there and you’ll make your lips look fuller.

Get Naturally Pink Lips

If you consider your lips too pale, try one of the best beauty secrets for gorgeous lips to give a beautiful pink hue naturally. Use beetroot or carrot juice for a nourishing lip treatment that will also give them a natural pink finish. Another way to get gorgeous lips naturally is to apply juice from crushed pomegranate seeds.

Lose the Darker Shades

When your lips are darker than you think they should be, the problem could simply be dehydration. Natural ways to lighten your lips include cucumber juice and lemon juice, but almond oil is another great way to fight discoloration. Leave it on overnight to get lighter lips naturally or try a combination of glycerin, honey and lime juice for a similar effect if you want gorgeous lips.

Best Beauty and Makeup Secrets for Gorgeous Lips

Exfoliate Your Lips Weekly

Whether you prefer a homemade scrub or a lip exfoliator with AHAs or BHAs, you shouldn’t exfoliate your lips more than once a week. Losing the dead cells will help moisturizers work better. If you feel the need to exfoliate more often, one of the best beauty secrets for gorgeous lips advises you to keep a second toothbrush at hand. Dab a touch of vaseline on it after you brush your teeth and gently press it against your lips with a rotating motion for a few seconds.

Use Camphor-Free Lip Balms

The ideal lip balm doesn’t contain camphor, an ingredients which can actually dry your lips after extended use. When you’re looking for the right lip balm, focus on the right SPF and moisturizing ingredients like shea butter, along with natural oils, from coconut oil to jojoba oil.

Don’t Go for a Matte Finish When Your Lips Are Dry

You might have heard that one of the best beauty and makeup secrets for gorgeous lips is using matte lipstick for long lasting color. Unfortunately, the long lasting lip color stays put because it’s also drying. If you want to keep your lips in top shape, go for a much more moisturizing glossy finish lipstick on a daily basis or use a very hydrating balm under a matte lipstick.

Best Beauty and Makeup Secrets for Gorgeous Lips

Try Retinol to Prevent Lip Lines

Smoking and sun damage can be just as harsh as aging when it comes to lip lines, but luckily retinoids can help with this problem. Anti-aging creams with retinol are the best way to deal with with lines, but protecting your lips in the long run is even better.

Use Color to Your Advantage

One of the best beauty and makeup secrets for gorgeous lips is to always choose your lip color for a flattering effect. Luckily, full lips can wear pretty much any shade, but if you have thin lips, you’re better off sticking with lighter colors. From light beige to pale pink, peach or muted coral, stick to what works for you and avoid deep reds, browns and purples.

If you’re not satisfied with your smile, but it has more to do with the color of your teeth, you should always go for a lipstick shade with bluish undertones when you want to make your teeth seem whiter.

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