Best Celebrity Bob Hairstyles

Best Celebrity Bob Hairstyles

Few hairstyle trends have had the success that bob hairstyles have for over a year now. Easy to maintain, stylish and modern as well amazingly versatile, bob hairstyles have quickly become one of the most requested hairstyles. With the great variety of bob hairstyles nowadays many women have been able to completely transform their looks by finding hairstyles that suit them from multiple points of view. Some celebrities have even begun to be associated with certain bob hairstyles increasing the influence of this hairstyle even more.

One of the most popular bob hairstyles is the asymmetrical concave bob hairstyle. Concave bob hairstyles have become extremely popular especially after one of the most respected celebrity style icons we know, Victoria Beckham, has managed to reinvent this hairstyle by adding a powerful personal touch to it. This type of bob hairstyle is very modern being achieved using a variety of hair cutting techniques designed to make the most of every hair type, adding natural hair volume and enhancing the natural beauty of your tresses by creating an easy to maintain, apparently elaborate look.

One of the secrets when it comes to making the most of this hairstyle is the texture. Textured hairstyles are always the ones that attract the most attention because they provide a more polished look, creating interest in multiple points.

Best Celebrity Bob HairstylesKatie Holmes/PR PhotosBest Celebrity Bob HairstylesParis Hilton/PR PhotosBest Celebrity Bob HairstylesRihanna/PR PhotosBest Celebrity Bob HairstylesVictoria Beckham/PR Photos

Inverted bob hairstyles have also enjoyed a great deal of interest in recent years being preferred by a lot of women who wanted to go shorter but were not willing to adopt a classical bob hairstyle that sacrifices length from the front as well.

This hairstyle has another benefit that might convince women to choose it aside from hair length. An inverted bob hairstyle elongates the neckline and draws attention to fine lines, helping women mask flaws and appear younger at the same time. Female celebrities such as Rihanna, Katie Holmes, Paris Hilton or Jenny McCarthy have demonstrated the amazing versatility that this hairstyle can have as well as the power to highlight certain facial features.

Choppy layered hairstyles are a wonderful choice for those who are not satisfied with subtle changes and want a little more definition for your tresses. Choppy bob hairstyles can be styled in a variety of ways depending on the effect desired. This incredible versatility is the one that probably convinced celebrities like Sienna Miller, Lily Allen or Kirsten Storms to opt for shaggy layered hairstyles that allow a great variety of styling options for creating uneven, modern looking hairstyles with a slightly purposely messy texture, perfect for casual occasions as well as semi formal ones.

Best Celebrity Bob HairstylesGwyneth Paltrow/PR PhotosBest Celebrity Bob HairstylesLily Allen/Getty ImagesBest Celebrity Bob HairstylesNicole Richie/Getty ImagesBest Celebrity Bob HairstylesJenny McCarthy/PR Photos

For those who like the refinement of classic bob hairstyles but don’t want to have to cut their tresses too short, long bob hairstyles might be the way to go. Long bob hairstyles are generally chosen by women who are well aware of the value of a signature style and are not willing to make dramatic changes to their hair style. Long bob hairstyles can have a powerful face framing effect especially if they are paired with bangs. The perfectly straight lines have a pretty dramatic effect contributing to a strong professional presence. Long bob hairstyles were chosen by celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow or Anne Hathaway.

Curly bob hairstyles are an optimal choice when adding a festive, elegant touch is desired or when trying to minimize the width of certain face shapes. Curly hairstyles have a great capacity to create a more oval face shape and soften facial features by modifying the angles in a positive way most of the time. If the problem added by curls can be problematic, you always have the alternative of opting for stylish wavy hairstyles that will still give you the elegant touch you are looking for without overwhelming your facial features. Soft uniform waves will suit most face shapes, adding a subtle frame to the face and emphasizing a layered hairstyle.

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