Best Foundation for Skin Types

Best Foundation for Skin Types

Our skin is not just a barrier against all noxious external factors, but it also represents the reflection of our inner health. Every physical or mental problem can highly affect the way our skin looks. This is why it is essential to have a proper and correct skin care routine. Diet and hygiene are two major issues that must be attentively overseen especially if you have to deal with an oily skin. It is true that an oily skin is more “immune” to the aging process, yet it implies an array of other aesthetic problems as it is usually related to acne.

On the other hand, a dry skin is so smooth and rather “transparent”. This type of skin has an entire army of fierce enemies and it can be affected by extreme temperatures (too cold or too hot), pollution and aging. Unlike oily skin, dry skin wrinkles easily, making moisturizing and nourishing vital steps in your care routine. Well, if you are among those having a normal skin, consider yourself a very lucky person. Normal skin has the ideal pH and it requires only the basic care steps such as cleansing, moisturizing and mostly protection against UV rays. Best Foundation for Skin Types

Knowing your skin type is also necessary when having to choose the best foundation. There is a wide range of foundations available on the market and each and every one of them works effectively for a certain skin type. We have to find the right texture and fluidity for total coverage, yet maximum transparency. Yes, it might seem strange, but the right foundation can cover skin issues, giving a natural look, without accentuating wrinkles, and it blends evenly with your skin.

Oily skin When it comes to foundations and skin types, the “opposites attract” rule totally works. Oily skin is characterized by large pores, blackheads and acne breakouts. The most oily and shiny areas are those around chin, nose, forehead (T-zone). Therefore, what you need is an oil-free foundation able to cover breakouts and still allow skin to breathe. Semi-matte or matte foundations seem to be the best option, but since they might not provide full and long coverage, use a transparent powder over. For slightly oily skin, a sheer foundation that can barely be seen on the skin works just fine. Don’t use your fingers when applying foundation on oily skin as this way you only transfer more oil, but use instead a makeup sponge.

Dry skin If oily skin has a problem with “too much”, dry skin, on the other hand, must deal with “too less”, meaning a lack of water and sebum. Dry skin generally gives an unpleasant and uncomfortable sensation of tightness, especially after washing your face, and it might look dull and flaky. Since your main goal is to keep your skin moisturized, the best choice for dry skin is an oil-based or water-based foundation. Oil-based foundations have a rather greasy and thick texture and are amazing for very dry skin. Besides, if you have wrinkles, due to the emollients contained, this type of foundation can attenuate their appearance. Make sure to look for foundations that are enriched with moisturizers. Liquid foundations contain mild moisturizers and provide medium coverage for dry skin.

Normal skin Normal skin is the closest to perfection. It is characterized by a smooth texture and a balanced water and oil content. Feel extremely lucky if you have this type of skin since it doesn’t have every girl’s nightmare: large pores. In fact, normal skin has small, almost imperceptible pores. It looks radiant, smooth and you rarely need to face those unloved breakouts. Use a tinted moisturizer or a sheer foundation if you have an almost perfect skin and you just want to add some color. If you have tiny issues with the T-zone, a semi-matte foundation can do the trick.

Sensitive skin It is not an easy thing having to deal with a sensitive skin, as this means dryness, burning, redness, frequent breakouts, and sometimes even infections. Therefore, sensitive skin requires not just a special care, but also maximum attention when choosing cosmetic products, which should be hypoallergenic, non-comedonic, fragrance-free. If you have sensitive skin, a hypoallergenic, silicone-based liquid foundation with SPF at least 15 is the best solution.