9 Stylish Platinum Lockets for Women and Men

Platinum locket is highly esteemed and status defining locket. Though silver or gold they are always in white colour. It increases your respect when people see platinum lockets in your neck. You can also demand your own design of locket as any design can be created with lockets.

Latest and Modern Platinum Lockets:

Let’s find here with mentioned top 9 platinum lockets with images which will surely give a stylish look.

1. Platinum Love Express Locket:

platinum lockets

This is a platinum heart locket especially for couples. The word ‘love’ has written over it. Gifting this locket will increase love between you and your partner. It seems like you can also put couple’s photo inside which will be so romantic. Good choice for your dear one.

2. Platinum Pearl Folded Locket:

Platinum Pearl Folded Locket

It is an amazing platinum locket necklace with pearl folded in between. The design is simply superb and it will add elegance to your neckline. The white pearl is looking so soft and alluring. The pearl in middle of silver is looking attractive. It looks good on girls or your woman too.

3. Platinum Peacock Locket:

Platinum Peacock Locket

This is so pleasing white gold plated locket with a dancing peacock design. In peacock, there is a light blue colour diamond is affixed. White diamonds are also attached on peacock feather. This peacock with beaming diamonds is looking charismatic. This is a symbol of piece too; if you plan for a gift to your loved one, then you need to try these style of platinum lockets.

4. Platinum Angel Locket:

Platinum Angel Locket
It is black and white plain silver locket of the wings of an angel. Half of the wing locket design is there with few stones attached. This is a designer piece of locket design. A curve given to shape of the wing is just marvelous. These platinum lockets are specially designed for boys or men’s.

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5. Platinum Oval Stone Locket:

Platinum Oval Stone Locket

It is an oval shape plain gold locket with a space inside to keep snaps. In one locket, there is oval shape glass covered with a series of white diamonds. On another oval locket, there is some lovely design engraved. All of them are just mind-blowing. It looks simple, but can catch the attention of your dear one.

6. Platinum Apple Diamond Locket:

Platinum Apple Diamond Locket
This is an unique design platinum locket. An apple fruit shape locket is here with a small round diamond on one side of the apple. This design is extremely new in the market and rare. This locket will attract plenty of comments and views. You can gift these type of platinum lockets to your dear on your first wedding anniversary day.

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7. Platinum Baby Flower Locket:

Platinum Baby Flower Locket

This plain silver locket is oval in shape with its simplicity quality. On this oval locket, one stunning baby flower is crafted. Silver flower over silver locket is amusing. Wearing this locket with a pretty chain will give you captivating image.

8. Platinum Musical Note Locket:

Platinum Musical Note Locket
It is musical theme based platinum locket describing a music note of western music. A musical symbol is given to this locket which will highly be liked by musicians. This can be a special creation locket made on demand.

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9. Platinum Bal Hanuman Locket:

Platinum Bal Hanuman Locket

It is a spiritual platinum locket with a Bal Hanuman creature. Young Hanuman design is standing in this locket with so much innocence. Like this, other God’s image lockets are also available in the market and people are wearing it too. This is best suitable to those who are religious in nature and behavior too.

Seeing these exceptional designs I will soon buy the one. Wear the charming platinum locket and set your superior image among your group. These are magnificent and splendid platinum lockets which will give you matchless image.