Candy Makeup Look

Candy Makeup Look

As summer gets closer, colors are more and more prominent even in makeup. Follow the latest makeup trends and go for something bright and delicious for hot summer days. Put aside the winter hues and add some excitement to your look with some funky, cheerful colors that will bring a youthful, fresh vibe into your days. If you feel that this is the right time for a change, pastel colors are perfect choices to create a fresh and trendy look.

Candy colors will make your eyes pop but without being too bold or too striking. They are extremely wearable, fun and exciting, reminding you to the tasty, sinful treats that usually follow your dinners. Candy makeup looks are amongst the hottest makeup trends of the year, speaking about creativity and a playful, cheerful personality. Follow these tips and dare to experiment with a sexy, candy makeup look. Candy Makeup Look


To achieve a perfect, flawless eye-makeup, start off by using an eye shadow primer or an under eye concealer on both the upper and the lower eyelids as well. These products will prevent your makeup from wearing off and provide a smooth base for your candy makeup.

The first important thing about a perfect candy makeup is to choose one area on your face that you would like to play up, be it the eyes, lips or your cheeks. Makeup artists suggest avoiding highlighting more than one feature on your face, since it will look intrusive and vulgar. Opting for emphasizing your eyes is a great choice because they are the first things people notice on your face. Apply a bright blue or a minty green eye shadow and sweep it well over your eyelids. These colors are generally flattering and suitable for nearly every occasion.

If you prefer warmer colors you can create a trendy mix as well. Apply a blue eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyelid, continue with a pink hue in the center part and then apply a purple shade on the outer corners. For a daytime wear, finish off your candy look with applying a thin line of black eyeliner and lots of black mascara to give your eyes maximum definition and really make them pop. For a sexy and feminine evening look, opt for purple eyeliner or a colored mascara and create a fabulous cat eyes makeup that will surely attract some glances.

Candy Makeup Look


As in the case of eyes, a flawless base is essential to create a successful makeup. Make sure your skin is properly cleaned and moisturized and then apply a foundation that matches your skin tone. For a sassy, glamorous look, opt for a compact cream blush, which can be worked into your skin more easily than a powder blush. Multi-colored blushes work really well for creating a candy look, since you can blend plum, peach and pink shades in order to create a perfect, natural contour for your cheeks. Always make sure you work the product well into your skin, in order to avoid an artificial look. Therefore, sweep it up towards the temple and hairline and gently remove the excess product. Natural, candy pink cheeks will give a nice frame to your face, providing you with a soft, feminine and attractive air.


For your lips, imitate the colors of a candy stick and apply a pink, purple, fuchsia or soft red lipstick and a coat of shimmery-white lip gloss to give your lips a full, sugary aspect. Don’t forget that if your lips are accentuate, the rest of your face should be kept minimal to obtain a classy, chic look. If you are not used to wearing bright lip colors, it is better to start off by lighter, less daring shades and then switch gradually to more emphatic hues. For an extra funky air, opt for a cotton candy pink lipstick and get ready to make a statement with your seductive candy makeup on the next party.

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