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Celebrity Fragrances That Suck!

Celebrity Fragrances That Suck!

With price tags that make them available to a wide range of buyers, celebrity fragrances rarely manage to impress and make a lasting connection with their audience. More often than not, they end up smelling cheap or simply unsophisticated.

Check out a few of the worst celebrity fragrances, perfumes that failed to impress any connoisseurs, and which also rubbed many casual buyers the wrong way.

Signature Summer for Her by David & Victoria Beckham

Launching a total of 23 fragrances in less than a decade, David & Victoria Beckham have managed to saturate the market with their perfumes, while still cashing in on their celebrity. 

Celebrity Fragrances That Suck!

Signature Summer for Her is not the only dud in their range, but it’s worst offender. A forgettable floral with weak lasting power, has strong top notes of freesia and water lilly, but quickly fades into a simple vanilla scent.

Fame by Lady Gaga

Celebrity Fragrances That Suck!

Even though her ambitions of making a perfume that smells like blood and sperm got sidetracked, Lady Gaga’s fame is still one of the worst celebrity fragrances. The most memorable thing about it its black color, which becomes invisible once it touches your skin. The mixture of honey, apricot and incense make it too sweet for most.

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Harajuku Lovers Baby by Gwen Stefani

Celebrity Fragrances That Suck!

Matching the Beckhams with 23 fragrances in her Harajuku Lovers range, Gwen Stefani failed to impress buyers with this floral woody musk. The biggest complaint seems to be its powdery aspect, which raises comparisons to baby oil and baby powder. It has also been described as soapy and cheap, leaving a mostly negative impression.

Lolavie by Jennifer Aniston

Celebrity Fragrances That Suck!

Taking 4 years to try her hand at the perfume market, Jennifer Aniston also managed to come up with one of the worst celebrity fragrances on her first try. While it’s technically a flower fragrance, the citrusy top notes can be overpowering, and most buyers have rated its longevity as poor, while also comparing its scent to hairspray.

M by Mariah Carey

Celebrity Fragrances That Suck!

With 14 fragrances under her belt, Mariah Carey definitely had a steep learning curve. Her first fragrance is also her least liked. A strong oriental floral that opens with marshmallow notes, followed by strong patchouli and incense, in an intoxicating combination that ends up being too heavy for many noses, and it seems to skew older.

Fancy by Jessica Simpson

Celebrity Fragrances That Suck!

Out of her 15 perfumes, Fancy got the least favorable reviews, making it one of the worst celebrity fragrances. It’s an oriental vanilla that opens with fruity notes, followed by jasmine, gardenia, and caramel, with a base of vanilla, amber and sandalwood. Despite being long lasting, its vanilla notes have been called synthetic and cheap.

Purr by Katy Perry

Celebrity Fragrances That Suck!

If you’re going to try one of Katy Perry’s 5 perfumes, make it anything but Purr. A very sweet floral fruity fragrance, it includes very strong peachy top notes, along with vanilla, coconut, apple and gardenia. Described as suffocating and cheap by many, it’s the most divisive Katy Perry fragrance, despite the almost universal praise of the cute cat-shaped bottle.

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Miami Glow by Jennifer Lopez

Celebrity Fragrances That Suck!

With a total of 23 fragrances that bear her name, Jennifer Lopez managed to endorse one of the worst celebrity fragrances with Miami Glow. A flanker to the original Glow, this floral fruity opens with strong notes of coconut, passion fruit and grapefruit, followed by a floral heart, that’s often regarded as too sweet.

Snooki by Nicole Polizzi

Celebrity Fragrances That Suck!

Launched in 2020, Snooki is just what you’d expect from the “Jersey Shore” star: a tacky bottle and a scent that’s all over the place, with fruity top notes, followed by a very sweet heart. With sugar and cupcake as its strongest notes, it’s even been called a cheap copy of Britney Spears’ Fantasy.

Just Me by Paris Hilton

Celebrity Fragrances That Suck!

One of Paris Hilton’s 17 fragrances, Just Me failed to impress even her biggest fans, and ended up as one of the worst celebrity fragrances. The floral fruity composition starts off with strong pink pepper and raspberry notes, followed by a floral heart, it was widely regarded as smelling… cheap.

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