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Cheap and Simple Homemade Beauty Recipes

Cheap and Simple Homemade Beauty Recipes

Give your complexion a quick refresh using nutritive and organic beauty treatments. Prepare the healthiest recipes that provide your skin with minerals and vitamins.

Pay special attention to the needs of your complexion to look great all the time. Purchase organic ingredients from the grocery store and farms to guarantee the revitalizing effect of the following cheap and simple homemade beauty recipes.

Yeast and Cabbage for Skin Blemishes

The tiny red spots ruin your look? Here’s a life-saving treatment you can create without any difficulties. Extract the natural juice of a small cabbage with the help of a blender or juicer. In a medium bowl mix 2 tbs of cabbage juice and a pinch of yeast. Apply the paste on your face and leave the treatment on for 20-25 minutes. Finally you can rinse off the facial with tepid water. The result will be a revitalized and super-soft skin condition.

Cheap and Simple Homemade Beauty Recipes

Pineapple and Coconut for Fair Skin

There are various natural ingredients that have a bleaching power. In order to have a fairer complexion you can create a nutritive facial using pineapple juice and coconut milk.

In a medium bowl mix these two ingredients and use a cotton ball to apply the lotion on your skin. Leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes to make sure it gets into the lower layers. Finish up the whitening session by rinsing off the treatment with warm water.

Natural Shampoo Recipe for Glossy Hair

It might seem impossible that various natural ingredients can cleanse your locks from dirt and oil excess. However, this mixture is a real treat for those who wish to experiment with the magical benefit of organic hair care.

In a bowl mix 1 tsp apple cider vinegar, 1 oz olive oil, 1 tbs lemon juice and 1 egg. Use a blender to obtain the ideal texture and wash your tresses with this natural shampoo on a regular basis to see the stunning results.

Strawberry Mask For Pimples

Acne affects millions of people all over the world. Those who wish to take an organic turn on the classic skin care treatments will have the opportunity to test the fab effect of the following strawberry mask for pimples. In a bowl mix 2 tbs honey, ½ cup strawberries and 1 tbs sour cream. The fine paste can be easily applied on your complexion. Leave the facial on for 20 minutes and finally wash it off with tepid water.

Coconut Oil for Wrinkles

Are you in your 20s or 30s and you’ve noticed the first wrinkles around your lips or eyes? Why not restore the youthful condition of your complexion with a simple natural treatment. Coconut oil is rich in vitamins and minerals essential to improve the elasticity of the skin. Use this healthy ingredient to massage your face in order to keep it wrinkle-free. Make sure you purchase organic coconut oil and not a cosmetic lotion. Repeat this ritual at least 2 times per day to achieve dazzling results.

Cheap and Simple Homemade Beauty Recipes

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