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Minimal Makeup Tips

Minimal Makeup Tips

The ‘no makeup look’ was present on all the important runways this year and it seems that minimalism in all of its forms has become a leading trend once again. Many women like the minimal make-up style because it allows them to embrace their natural beauty, being a great time saver, an important attribute in today’s fast paced world. During the summer time this makeup style is more than recommended because of the strong tendency towards melting that make up products have due to the extremely high temperatures. As an added benefit with minimal makeup the skin will able to breathe better.

Although the minimal makeup style makes everything look simple and effortless the truth is that most of the time this makeup style is more demanding than it would seem at first glance. Generally speaking, the minimal make-up style is a lot harder to achieve than a more elaborate makeup style simply because you you have less options when it comes to hiding imperfections.

A flawless looking skin is the first and perhaps the most important requirement for those that want to embrace this makeup style. A well established beauty care routine is the first step we nee to take in order to be able to create a fabulous minimalist makeup style.

Minimal Makeup Tips Minimal Makeup Tips

The daily rituals are extremely important in helping us achieve a polished look. Cleaning, applying a facial toner suitable for your skin type and wearing a moisturizer that has SPF included are the basic steps that must be taken in order to establish a good base for applying makeup.

After a good base for applying makeup has been created, it’s time to move on to the actual makeup applying process. For the minimal makeup look you have the choice of using mineral foundation or a tinted moisturizer or entirely skipping foundation and relying on three concealers to create the flawless look you desire. The second option helps you create a more natural look by only camouflaging only the areas that cause the most problems. You will need three shades of concealer for different face zones.

Minimal Makeup Tips Minimal Makeup Tips

A light shade of concealer for the under eye area, a darker shades for the cheeks and the forehead and a medium shade for the rest of the face. Using highlighters is also highly recommended to emphasize your best facial features from your your eye shape to your cheekbones as well as your chin. This will help you emphasize your features in in a really subtle but highly effective way at the same time. Adding a little blush on the cheekbones for is an optional step you can take to perk up your look. If you opt for blush or bronzer make sure that you apply a very thin layer that is barely visible.

For a natural look when it comes to eye makeup professional makeup artist recommend using only mascara to emphasize our eyes. Curling the eyelashes is an absolute must to make our eyes look bigger and more expressive without the help of additional makeup products. Applying a coat of transparent mascara will help give the impression of the ultimate effortless look.

The final thing we need to take care when creating this makeup style is emphasizing the lips. First, make sure that your lips are well moisturized by applying a coat of lip balm than apply a coat of lip gloss for a natural finish that will contribute to an overall seductive look.

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