Chic New Short Haircut Ideas

Chic New Short Haircut Ideas

If you’re really into versatile and ultra-modern hairdressing trends, it’s the perfect moment to pull off a statement look for the spring season. The chic new short haircut ideas below offer you the privilege to stand out from the crowd with a polished and breath-taking crop. Include these gorgeous pixies and close-cropped bob styles in your wishlist and start flirting with the idea of trimming your tresses to a flattering dimension. Make sure your haircut stays in place by using some of the latest sculpting products. Steal a few styling ideas from the professionally-inspired examples and wear your strands in a unique and original way. Browse through our collection of amazing salon-perfect crops and pick your fave look you wish to rock this season.

Chic New Short Haircut Ideasby Demi Leigh GardinerChic New Short Haircut Ideasby Beck CarrollChic New Short Haircut Ideasby Adreanna ManovChic New Short Haircut Ideasby Belinda Keeley

Scene-stealing undercuts are packed with attitude and mirror a creative attitude towards modern hairdressing trends. Embrace an edgy ‘do if you want to land in the spotlight at every event. Celebs were also charmed by the visual impact shaved hair designs make. Try your hand at one of these innovative crops and combine your already smashing haircut with highlights or a vibrant shade. These fabulous examples offer you an insight into the way this cult style adapts to every face shape. Sweep your locks to the side or sport your hair mussed-up depending on your preferences. Strip off your confidence issues and get out there to show off your trendsetter potentials.

Chic New Short Haircut Ideasby Marie UvaChic New Short Haircut Ideasby Kate RawnsleyChic New Short Haircut Ideasby Paloma Rose GarciaChic New Short Haircut Ideasby Sharon Blain

Undoubtedly, the longer the hair, the more styling options you have. Therefore, if you want to experiment with a myriad of new looks it is wise to go for a close-cropped short bob style. When sculpted with creativity, these hair designs can help you win the battle for the ultimate trailblazer of the season. Skim through these out-of-the-ordinary bob hairstyles which come in an infinite and glam variety. You’ll have the chance to sport a smooth and softly layered bob if you’re fond of refined silhouettes.

However, you also have the opportunity to break with the traditional structure in favor of a more eye-catching and cutting-edge style. Team up your chic bob with blunt bangs for a geometric and sharp effect. Furthermore, you can also match choppy layers with a boxy fringe for a fabulous combination of ‘it’ hairdressing trends. Wear your locks super-sleek and tamed or perked up with a tiny amount of wax or styling paste. See these examples to find inspiration for your top-to-toe spring makeover.

Chic New Short Haircut Ideasby Kristy FurnissChic New Short Haircut Ideasby Marie UvaChic New Short Haircut Ideasby LassanaChic New Short Haircut Ideasby Gen Collerton

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