Chinese Suction Therapy Benefits

Chinese Suction Therapy Benefits

Chinese Suction Therapy Benefits

Chinese medicine has become one of the most popular alternative methods of healing mainly because of the unique approach when it comes to healing. If Western medicine is focused on systems and cause-effect, Chinese medicine focuses on correcting energy imbalances using a holistic approach. Although there is still a a fair amount of skepticism when it comes to the effectiveness of these therapies, more and more people have started to give these alternative treatments a chance and to experiment with new ideas when it comes to healing.

Chinese Suction Therapy Basics

Chinese Suction Therapy Benefits

Chinese suction therapy or cupping is a method of healing that uses glass cups that are placed on various fleshy parts of the skin with the purpose of curing various conditions. The procedure might vary as it might work simply by suction or by warming the cup and reducing pressure.

Prior to the procedure oils infused with herbal extracts may be used to make the process easier. This procedure is done by acupuncturists to release energy blockages. This method is based on the meridian theory of the body and it is supposed to help balance the qi energy, allowing it to flow freely throughout the body.

These cups are generally left on for 5 to 15 minutes depending on the needs of the individual as well as well as the conditions that is being treated. From a scientific standpoint this therapy stimulates the lymphatic system causing toxins to be released to the surface and stimulating capillaries.

Reddening and sometimes even bruising are common at the end of the treatment. This treatment must be avoided if you have bleeding disorders, high fever, inflamed skin or during pregnancy on the abdominal or lower back area.


Chinese Suction Therapy Benefits

This therapy seems to be useful in the treatment of various conditions.It can be used for various respiratory disorders such as cough,bronchitis and asthma, ease back pain as well as muscular or joint pain, or to treat various gastro-intestinal disorders.

The immune system is also enhanced through this method. In addition this technique can also be used for hypertension and to improve blood circulation by activating capillaries as well as for headaches. Although most people turn to this painless therapy in an attempt to improve various health conditions this therapy also has a few indirect beauty benefits .

Due to the fact that toxins are released the skin can become healthier and if this therapy is done regularly it can even slow down the aging process. Although this idea might seem a little far-fetched, if we think that pollution and toxins are major contributors to the aging process, it becomes more easy to understand how this therapy can be beneficial in the long term.

This method is also believed to help with weight loss as well as for getting rid of cellulite. It is believed that by balancing energy throughout the body as well as relieving stress the appetite might be reduced and a metabolism boost might be noticed. Moreover, if used on the problem areas this form of massage can help with cellulite by removing toxins and activating the lymphatic system.

If spider veins have become a stressful and unaesthetic problem for you a combination of acupuncture and suction therapy might prove to be useful for getting things back to normal. Suction is useful for unblocking the stagnant blood while acupuncture can make this process even more effective.

Chinese Suction Therapy Benefits

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