Cool Small Tattoos for Girls

Cool Small Tattoos for Girls

Cool Small Tattoos for Girls

If you’ve finally decided to get a tattoo and you don’t want one that draws too much attention, we’ve gathered some cute small tattoos for girls that can serve as sources of inspiration.

Small Wrist Tattoos for Girls: Chinese Characters

If you want a small and meaningful tattoo, you can go for Chinese symbols. These ‘logograms’ are not simple drawings, they’re in fact symbols of a certain word or even object. Just think at the word that describes you best (e.g. courage, strength, faith, force), find its Chinese character and ink this nice small tattoo on your wrist. This way, you’ll always wear the perfect word that describes you and you’ll not forget about it.

Small Flower Tattoos for Girls

Cool Small Tattoos for Girls

Flower tattoos have always been popular amongst girls because of their beauty and delicacy. You should know that each flower can stand for a certain quality. For example, the orchid can represent love and beauty while the lotus can be the symbol of wisdom, love and purity. Every flower can stand for something very dear to you and getting a tattoo of a particular flower won’t affect your delicate side.

Small Rib Tattoos for Girls: Koi Fish

This is a lovely and colorful small tattoo for girls that you can place on your rib area. The colorful carp is the main character of many Asian myths, especially Japanese and Chinese, where this fish acts like a samurai that bravely awaits its death once it’s caught. It also symbolizes courage, perseverance in achieving your goals and emotional strength.

Small Hip Tattoos for Girls: Matching Tattoos

Cool Small Tattoos for Girls

Getting matching tattoos can be a great gesture of love because they represent the symbol of an unbreakable bond. Sometimes, you may regret having them because you can separate from your partner, however, having matching tattoos with your dearest relatives can in fact be a special thing. Just choose the model, ask for recommendations of a great tattoo artist, see his portfolio and get a symbol that will last forever on your hip.

Small Tattoos for Girls: Quotes

Cool Small Tattoos for Girls

There are so many quotes available and probably every human has a few dear to his heart. So, why not get your favorite quotation inked? This way, you’ll always have it with you, either as a reminder of your past, an inspiration for the future or as a perfect description of your personality.

Cute Small Tattoos for Girls: Ribbons

Cool Small Tattoos for Girls

Girls simply love these lovely small tattoos. Ribbons usually mark something that has happened to you or to a close person. They don’t necessarily have to mark a sad event such as someone dear passing away, they can also stand for a happy event in your life: giving birth or overcoming a serious disease.

Small Tattoo Ideas for Women: Butterflies

Cool Small Tattoos for Girls

When it comes to butterflies, there are two sides. The ones that consider butterflies as the symbol of ephemeral beauty and vanity and those that consider this fragile creature the symbol of transformation into something better. Also, it can even have a more emotional meaning, such as honoring someone that passed away while very young.

Cool Small Tattoo Ideas: Zodiac Signs

For those of you interested in astrology and the meaning of your zodiac sign, this is a great option when it comes to small tattoos. If you love your sign and what it represents (e.g. Leo stands for popularity, Gemini for communication and Aquarius for creativity), you should definitely add it on your list. Choose a great ink artist and get your favorite drawing tattooed on your wrist, rib or even the back of your neck.

Lovely Small Tattoos for Women: The Moon

Cool Small Tattoos for Girls

Moon tattoos are amazing because they can mean so many things, they’re small, simple, yet very classy. The phases of the moon can be associated to the various phases of someone’s life, with the things that happened to us at some point and made us change our perspective. You can also associate its symbol with your zodiac sign and it can represent something you hold very dear.

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