Dark Hair Color Ideas 2020

Dark Hair Color Ideas 2020

Natural hair colors are in high demand in 2020. This does not necessarily translate into keeping your tresses in simple shades of black, brown, or blonde. In fact, the past years have seen the rise of several hair coloring techniques – some very old, some brand new – that you may take into account.

If you’re donning or planning to dye your locks into a natural dark color, you should keep in mind some of best hair color ideas for dark hair!

Hair Color Ideas for Dark Hair: Highlights

Highlights have been around for years. After being extremely popular during the 90s, they recently made a strong comeback. If you plan on using highlights to get a fresh and cool look, then you should know that the possibilities are limitless!

It all depends on your personality and on the desired result. For instance, some of the trendiest and coolest highlights for dark hair are blonde. And the final look doesn’t necessarily have to be dramatic! You may go for dark hues of blonde for your dark hair.

Dark Hair Color Ideas 2020Dark Hair Color Ideas 2020

If you have chocolate brown locks, go for caramel blonde highlights. Opt for face-framing highlights that become increasingly lighter towards the ends.

To make sure the result is not a total failure, visit a professional hair salon. An experienced hairstylist will definitely know how to put into practice the required techniques so that you get the perfect highlights for your dark hair.

Dark Brown Hair Color Ideas: Ombre

If your locks are dark brown, the ombre coloring technique might be perfect for you. But what does this ombre hair coloring technique mean? It involves dyeing your tresses, usually several shades lighter than the base color of your hair, starting with the darkest shade (the closest to the natural hair color) and finishing with the lightest one (towards the ends of the locks).

Dark Hair Color Ideas 2020Dark Hair Color Ideas 2020

Keep in mind that these dark brown hair color ideas need a specialist’s touch so that you won’t get a grown-out hair look. For instance, a hairstylist will know to add some natural-looking highlights to your ombre hair to make your tresses look perfect.

Dark Blonde Hair Color Ideas: Balayage

If you’re looking for dark blonde hair color ideas, then balayage is the word for you! This highly popular technique involves using a paddle to add color to your tresses.

Similar to ombre hair coloring, balayage is perfect for you if you’re proud of your dark blond hair and just want to give it more personality, dyeing it a few shades lighter.

Dark Hair Color Ideas 2020Dark Hair Color Ideas 2020

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