Daytime Smokey Eyes Makeup

Daytime Smokey Eyes Makeup

Daytime Smokey Eyes Makeup

Those who long for mysterious and appealing eyes often use smokey eye makeup as the perfect tool to add a subtle finesse to their evening look. However, long gone the days of sticking to this style only when you head to an evening or a more formal event.

Those who would like to keep the accentuated and eye-popping effect of their glimpse might decide to embed this accessory into their daytime appearances. Indeed, the best way to dress down the ceremonial aspect of smokey eyes is to learn some basic principles of turning night into day makeup. The following guidelines will help you in doing this, so prepare the necessary tools to create daytime smokey eyes.

First of all prepare the canvas for the makeup with the help of a proper base. Cover the eyelids with foundation preferably alcohol-free that is with 1 shade lighter than your natural skin tone. Make sure you also cover all the dark circles under your eyes. Do this with a concealer if necessary. When the base is ready you can go further to the next level.

Daytime Smokey Eyes Makeup Daytime Smokey Eyes Makeup

Choosing the proper eyeshadow is of central importance in order to dress down the formal look. There are several colors that can be used to do this, however some of the most sought-after and recommended are: gray, violet, taupe and brown. The best toned down smokey eyes look is achieved with neutral shades.

Depending on your preferences you can go for the bolder or less prominent matte style. Apply the chosen eyeshadow to the lid advisably right above the crease section. Be careful, there’s no need to go way up till the eyebrows. Instead, devote more time to the corners and brush the makeup upwards.

Daytime Smokey Eyes Makeup

Then comes the lower lashline, in order to offer frame to your eyes it is advisable to apply the same makeup shade under the eyes. This is the secret to accentuate the whole makeup and at the same time furnish your eyes with the proper emphasis. Use the eyeliner brush or an angled makeup brush to make the two colored sections the lower line and the crease area meet at the corners. It is essential to create a uniform and plain look and blend the lines.

Eyeliners will serve as the ultimate means to further amplify the look and still maintain the daytime appearance. For the most natural effect use black eyeliner to line the eyes. Proceed with care and make sure your makeup won’t smudge. Finally, don’t forget about mascara. Apply a neutral black shade to your eyelashes and use one that gives them the impression of extra-length and density. Enjoy your daytime smokey eye look that will offer you the same popping glances.

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