Dermabrasion at Home: Tips and Best Products

Dermabrasion at Home: Tips and Best Products

Removing the outer layer of skin is the way dermabrasion works and a lot of problems can go away along with it. The procedure can be performed by a dermatologist with special products, but home dermabrasion is much cheaper and can be just as effective.

What is Dermabrasion and How Is It Different From Micro-dermabrasion

Before learning the basics of dermabrasion at home, it’s important to know the differences between this procedure and micro-dermabrasion. Recommended for people with fair skin, dermabrasion is a strong exfoliation process. Removing the outer layer of skin can improve acne scars, along with pox marks or different types of scars.

Micro-dermabrasion is generally used for any skin type, but it isn’t as effective when it comes to removing deeper scars. After the procedure, the skin can remain pink for up to 24 hours, a shorter period than the downtime for dermabrasion performed by a dermatologist.

Dermabrasion with Eggs

When you’re thinking of getting dermabrasion for acne scars, the cheapest and easiest way to try it is using eggs. Home dermabrasion is simple and easy, with none of the side effects present after the more invasive techniques used by medical professionals.

Using the skin inside raw eggs is the most popular form of dermabrasion with eggs. After removing the yolk and the egg white, gently peel the skin from the inner part of the shell and apply it on your skin. It won’t smell very pleasant, but it works if you keep it on for 15 minutes. Follow the procedure with a good moisturizer.

Dermabrasion for acne scars is even more efficient when you use egg whites along with a powder of oatmeal and rice. Mix the ingredients in a paste and gently scrub your face with it. As a stronger natural method for dermabrasion for acne scars, it can show results faster than simply using the skin from the egg shell, but it can also irritate sensitive skin.

Dermabrasion at Home: Tips and Best Products

Top Products for Home Dermabrasion

When dermabrasion with eggs doesn’t show the results you’re hoping for, you still have a lot of choices before putting your skin through rough procedures performed by a dermatologist.

Products for dermabrasion for acne scars like Origins Modern Friction for the Body Dermabrasion or Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion can have a big impact on the scars you want to get rid of.

You can also try gentle products like the Darphin Age Defying Dermabrasion or even purchase a special kit for dermabrasion at home, like the Neutrogena Microderm System Kit. 

Dermabrasion at Home: Tips and Best Products

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