Different Types of False Lashes

Different Types of False Lashes

Individual Lashes

Individual eyelashes create a natural an extremely true-to-life effect. You need to look closer and more thoroughly to see that in fact these little pieces are false. The synthetic strands are placed between the natural lashes to make it denser and defined.

Apply these similarly to strip lashes, using the special glue designed to fix it on your skin.

The only drawback of this useful invention is that you’ll need to be handy enough to place it properly especially if you have rare and short eyelashes.

In fact it was created for those who would like to add a special flair to their natural beauty, completing the dashing effect.

Keep in mind these principles when deciding to buy a set of individual lashes.

Different Types of False Lashes Different Types of False Lashes

Different Types of False Lashes

Strip Lashes

For a dramatic effect consider purchasing strip eyelashes. The set is applied to the lashline, fixing it with the glue.

Indeed the effect might seem a bit artificial, contrary to the individual ones. However it is easier to handle and offers a radical makeover to your look. There’s no need for refined artistry to place them, use a tweezer, that will help you in sticking it to the right spot.

The wide range of false strip eyelashes can lead people into confusion. Often these tools need a re-shaping and a slight trimming. Try to adjust them to the natural length of your eyelashes.

Three-Quarter Lashes

One of the hardest to find false eyelashes on the market. However they exist, that’s why it is worth knowing that these seem to fuse both the dramatic and natural effect.

The lashes seem to be specially directed to the external corner of the eye, making the look more impressive and romantic. Create the best shape with an itsy-bitsy mascara and make your eyes look bigger and thorough.

Lower Lashes

Lower lashes might not be just as popular as the upper ones. However more and more people engage into wearing them to add a formal and charming effect to their eyes.

Indeed lower lashes might seem a bit artificial, especially if having rare and thin natural eyelashes. Apply them either on or underneath your real lashes. Proceed as you would do with the individual false eyelashes.