Dramatic DIY Eye Makeup Ideas

Dramatic DIY Eye Makeup Ideas

It is more than true that with just one simple brush stroke you can turn a daytime, dull makeup into something mesmerizing, overly dramatic. A bold, dramatic eye makeup is suitable for a wide range of occasions, such as parties, going out with your friends, thematic events, and even dates, as long as you keep don’t go OTT with it.

Just like in the case of a normal, simple makeup, you need to obey the same rules when it comes to a dramatic DIY eye makeup too. All the important steps that are meant to lead to the final result should be followed accordingly as every single one plays a major role in the entire makeup process.

First of all, make sure your skin is glowing and healthy-looking so it reflects youth. For this, pay extra attention to the makeup base. No makeup looks good with visible skin issues or unwanted dark circles around the eyes. Therefore, your most reliable friends should be the moisturizer, foundation, concealer, highlighter, and powder.

Dramatic DIY Eye Makeup Ideas Dramatic DIY Eye Makeup Ideas Dramatic DIY Eye Makeup Ideas

After the makeup base has been applied, it’s time you pass to the eye makeup. What better way to bring out the dreamy side in you than by choosing an eye makeup worthy of a genuine Ice Queen? An icy look can beautifully create a special effect especially when it comes in contrast with a flawless skin.

Start by applying an oily base on the eyelids. Apply a classic eye pencil that you can even out using your fingers or a flat brush. Over this base, apply the shimmery, diamond, glittery eyeshadow. If you want to obtain a clean eye makeup, before using the eyeshadow apply a soft coat of powder. You can use golden or silver eyeshadow.

The already popular smoky eye can also be used in order to create your bold and sexy eye makeup. You can choose the simple version but making sure you overuse the black eyeshadow, or, you can break the all-black color on the eyelids applying a soft colored line.

Dramatic DIY Eye Makeup Ideas

A more dramatic approach is the one using more colors for the eyes. This might be a more difficult version, but the result will look absolutely fantastic. For example, start by applying a black eyeliner on the lower lids and on the interior of the upper lids. Choose a navy blue matte eyeshadow. Then, apply brown shades on the arch in order to create the illusion of a continuous eye makeup. For a more shocking result, go for red, bold lips. Sexy, elegant, mysterious and so fantastic! Or, you can create a stunning work of art mixing light yellow (in the inner corner) and green (in the outer corner).

A complex makeup that uses unusual color combinations can help you draw all the attention. Applying two complementary colors in the two corners of your eyes can result into a fairytale-looking eye makeup. A pink, red or blue eyeshadow for the lids and golden or yellow on the arch can change completely your appearance. For a mystical and alluring result, you can apply a glittery eyeliner in a different color.

Dramatic DIY Eye Makeup Ideas

Dramatic DIY Eye Makeup Ideas Dramatic DIY Eye Makeup Ideas

Since for a casual, daytime look soft, neutral colors are the most appropriate, we can turn up the drama with bolder, brighter shades, such as orange, fuchsia, or purple. These colors work amazing especially if you go for a balanced approach. For example, you can apply a gray eye pencil on the interior of the bottom eyelid. Next, on the eyelids use an orange, fuchsia, or yellow eyeshadow.

Make sure you go for products with a powdered texture and apply them on a rather oily base. You can also choose a purple eyeshadow on the mobile lid, going towards the eyebrow line, and use a gray shade on the bottom lid in order to create contrast. On the other hand, green can also be a safe choice as it flatters every skin tone.

For bolder personalities who love to stand out through a unique style, there are other two variants for you that you can easily achieve at home. First, there are false eyelashes with a wide range of designs, such as hearts or feathers. Then, there are the eyeshadow applications with an eye-catching design. You can forget all those annoying brushes and sponges. You just have to choose the color or print you want and press it on.

Dramatic DIY Eye Makeup Ideas Dramatic DIY Eye Makeup Ideas Dramatic DIY Eye Makeup Ideas Dramatic DIY Eye Makeup Ideas