Jennifer Lopez Global Ambassador for Gillette Venus

Jennifer Lopez Global Ambassador for Gillette Venus

The beginning of the year abounds in celebrity featured campaigns of all sorts as companies are trying to consolidate their position on the market or to release new products. This is also the case of Gillette who has recently named their global ambassador for their Gillette Venus line at Radio City Music Hall in New York. Jennifer Lopez is now officially representing the brand and will be involved in various projects launched by the brand.

The star was quick to make a statement regarding her new role as Gillette’s spokesperson by highlighting the quality of the brand’s products:Jennifer Lopez Global Ambassador for Gillette Venus

“The Venus brand empowers women and speaks to the ‘goddess’ in every one of us. Every woman is a goddess in her own right when we let our best feminine self shine through. Venus keeps my legs looking beautiful, giving me the confidence to feel just like a goddess.”

J Lo has already shot a commercial for the brand which features her own cover of the ‘Venus’ song, a pop song that was first played by Shocking Blue in 1969.

It is unclear if the song will actually be part of her new album, however, this initiative had many people wondering if Gillette is not planning on sponsoring the American Idol with J Lo featuring as one of the judges.

Still, one thing is for sure: the campaign has all the necessary ingredients to succeed as is interesting, sexy and classy.

In addition to the advertizing campaign, Lopez will help launching the Venus Goddess Fund for Education, a charity that focuses on empowering women with the help of education through mentoring. The initiative will benefit several organizations such as CARE International, the Step Up Women’s Network as well as Maribel Foundation which was founded by Lopez and her sister, Lynda.

Jennifer Lopez Global Ambassador for Gillette Venus

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