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Eye Cleansing Tips

Eye Cleansing Tips

We all tend to do everything and anything when it comes to a correct skin care, trying to respect all the procedures meant to keep us beautiful and young. However, the strangest thing is that, for some unknown reasons, we seem to forget or simply neglect the crucial step that maintains the health of our skin: cleansing.

After a night out with our friends, we sometimes sleep with the makeup on, forgetting that this can seriously damage our skin. Always keep in mind that this small, probably insignificant ritual is the key to a flawless and glowing skin. Moreover, a special attention should be given to the eye area where the skin is much more sensitive.

All the cleansing process cannot be done randomly, but following a few rules. First, we should cleanse the lips, then the eyes, and finally, the rest of the face. For the eye area it is recommended to use special cleansing lotions and a whole different procedure, especially when you have chosen a really bold makeup and a waterproof mascara.

If you want to make this process easier, apply a moisturizing cream that you should remove using a wet cotton pad. Then, with a pad soaked in cleansing lotion continue the cleansing routine through circular motions. A very easy, yet effective cleansing method is the one using paraffin or castor oil. Eye Cleansing Tips

First step in the eye cleansing process is removing the eyeshadow. The area around the eyes is a very sensitive one as the skin is thinner. This is why it is crucial to cleanse it properly and gently in order to remove all makeup impurities and residues that could weaken and damage our skin. Remember to start with the eyeshadow using a cleansing milk specially made for eyes with a mild, non-aggressive texture for the skin around the eyes.

The eye cleansing should be done with circular, clockwise motions in order to activate blood circulation and therefore avoid unaesthetic puffiness. If you want to remove all makeup residues, you have to remove eye makeup with a cotton pad slightly soaked in cleansing milk. Gently run the pad starting from the inner corner of the eye towards the outer corner going back from the exterior towards the interior. If you want to be sure that the result is the one you were looking for, you can repeat the action.

Then, it’s time for mascara removal. This is one of the hardest tasks as mascara itself is one of the makeup products most difficult to remove. As we sometimes use a waterproof mascara, this one sticks on the eyelashes. This is one good reason for us to pay extra attention when removing it as a wrong cleansing can lead to premature eyelash loss. The right thing to do is to lightly soak a cotton pad into the cleansing milk so you avoid the lotion to enter into the eyes.

Then remove mascara by wiping the cotton pad over the eyelashes on one eye two to three times to remove the mascara. If your mascara is waterproof, you should choose an oil-based cleansing lotion. You can also remove mascara by applying a cotton pad soaked in water and then apply cleansing lotion over.

Eye Cleansing Tips

Women love to draw the attention using a sexy, dramatic smokey eye makeup. As this type of makeup means a lot of eyeliner, it’s absolutely necessary to be very careful and remove every small impurity. Eyeliner is also hard to remove as it leaves marks. The best thing you can do is to soak a cotton swab into cleansing milk and gently remove the eyeliner following its line.

Once the cleansing is done, one must refresh and nourish the eye area in order to keep it smooth and healthy. You can apply some toner and a special eye nourishing contour. You can also gently clean the area with a chamomile or corn flower infusion and only after apply a moisturizing cream. The cream should be applied starting from the nose base towards the outer corner of the eye using gentle moves.

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