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Facial Hair Removal: Options and Techniques

Facial Hair Removal: Options and Techniques

Millions of women all over the world have problems with their facial hair, in the sense that this is dense and unaesthetic. Fortunately, nowadays there are numerous methods of facial hair removal. Some are cheap and painful, others are expensive and painless. Therefore, depending on how much you are willing to suffer and spend, you can surely find a satisfactory option.

One of the techniques that is gaining more and more adepts is represented by the now famous laser. The laser beam is meant to focus on the face area that has excessive hair on it. During the laser sessions, the hair follicles get destroyed and therefore in time the hair stops growing. In order to work properly, the laser technique must be undergone at least six times. However, after ending it, the skin must always be protected from the sun in order to avoid hyperpigmentation. In case you did not protect well your skin, check out the Top Skin Bleaching Home Remedies

Facial Hair Removal: Options and Techniques

A similar technique of removing facial hair is represented by the IPL. The Intense Pulsed Light uses light wavelengths in order to destroy the hair follicles. The hair is said to disappear forever after ten sessions of IPL. Due to the fact that this procedure is less painful than the laser one, it is considered to be the best way to remove facial hair. However, it can be really expensive. The costs could get to even £300 pounds only for the upper lip area.

A better known way of removing face hair is by waxing. This involves the applying of warm wax on the face area that has too much hair on it and the pulling off of fabric strips that must be applied over the wax. Although this method is painful, it is very cheap and very quick and can leave the skin smooth for even six weeks.

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An option preferred by women who cannot endure pain is represented by the depilatory cream. The hair removal creams must be applied on the affected areas and then left there for about 5 minutes before being removed with a sponge dipped in warm water. Although this method is also extremely cheap, its effects do not take too long to fade away, as the hairs usually reappear in just a few days. In addition, the chemicals that these creams typically contain can irritate sensitive skin types, so they cannot be used by everyone.

Facial Hair Removal: Options and Techniques

A very interesting technique of removing facial hair is the one of threading. This is a natural and very old method that involves a cotton thread knotted in such a way that it can pull out the unwanted hairs from their root, leaving behind a very smooth skin. However, even though this method is ancient, there are not so many people knowing how to practice it nowadays, so it might be hard for you to actually find someone doing it. Nonetheless, those who do it charge very little for it. Moreover, the method is painless and quick and can leave the skin soft for even a month.

A more modern way of removing unwanted facial hair is represented by electrolysis. Those wanting to try this method should expect for their hair to be given little electric shocks in order to be destroyed. Although the technique can be painful and quite expensive, it offers permanent results, so it deserves being tried.

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