How To Style Your Short Hair – Our Top 9

Hairstyles for Short Hair

Are you having inferiority complex because of short hair? Did you have to crop your hair because of some treatment procedure? You can make use of the short hair by giving it different styles and be a trend setter.

Best Style of Your Short Hair:

1. Tousled And Textured:

Styles Short Hair 1

You can look like Mulligan with this hair style. After you get out of the shower, towel off the hair, and mist it with a texturizing spray. Then by using a brittle brush curve the front layers, while blow drying it. You can piece out the ends and arrange them messily over the forehead. Tuck rest of the hair behind your ears.

2. Wavy Bob:

Styles Short Hair 2

This style looks great if you want to be a bit more feminine. You should create a middle to deep side part and apply texturizing crème to damp the hair. Then blow dry the hair. Using a 1-inch curler, wrap small sections of the hair ends and release after five seconds. You can put some stylish wax to separate the loose curls. This gives a wavy bob.

3. Edgy pixie:

You need to show some real guts in getting this style. Ask your stylist to shave one side of the head and leave long strands of layers on the opposite side. Then you just have to mist the locks with a volumizing spray and dry it with a blow dryer. Then apply a shine spray to give a complete look.

4. Retro Waves:

Styles Short Hair 4

If your hair falls below the ears, then this style looks great on you. You need to divide the hair equally on either side of the head above the ear. Using an 1-inch iron curler, you need to curl the ends of the hair outward. Then use your fingers to shape them. Use a strong-hold hairspray and mist all over. Push down the top of the hair and give it a flattened look.

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5. Rocker Esque Bangs:

Rocker Esque Bangs

You need to damp the hair and apply some smoothing creme. Then blow dry and make it straight using a flat paddle brush. You can run a flat iron over the lower half of the hair and make it super straight. Then with a round brush, blow dry the bangs and make those curve inward. Apply a tiny bit of shiny serum for adding a striking sheen.

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6. Sleek Updo:

This is the perfect style to keep the hair away from the face. After the shower, apply styling gel on the hair and comb through to reach the roots. Instead of letting the hair go dry, collect the small bangs at the top of the head and pin those back. Brush rest of the hair and tie with an elastic band. Apply mist to keep the strands under control.

7. Curly Bob:

how to styles ahort hair 7

Make your hair damp with a volumizing spray. Flip the hair upside down and blow dry. Using an 1-inch curling iron, curl all the strands and leave out the ends. This will create an imperfect vibe for the ends. Pin each curl and hold the shape. Once the curls cool down, take them down and spray with a gel. Gently scrunch them and give a tousled look. Complete the misty look with a hairspray.

8. Short Symbolizes Sophistication:

After getting out of the shower, towel off the hair and apply a little bit of texturizing mousse. Then part your hair to one side and comb it through. Let it dry. Put a bit of styling gel on the fingertip and apply them through the strands to add extra texture. Then complete the look by slipping on a headband.

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9. Straight And Sleek:

how to styles ahort hair 9

You have to apply a small amount of smoothing crème and damp the hair. Comb through to make sure it reaches the root areas. Blow dry the hair and if it needs extra smoothing, use a flat iron to touch up. Using a bobby pin or the tail end of a comb, you need to evenly sweep the hair across the forehead.

Feel yourself to be one of the celebrities like Jessica Stroup, Emma Watson, or Ginnifer Goodwin with these short hair styles.

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