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Fake Perfect Skin

Fake Perfect Skin

Fake perfect skin in 5 minutes so you can make heads turn every time you step out the door. Applying makeup has never been easier due to the vast array of products, innovative formulas and makeup tools available, so be sure to make the best out of your skin by follwoing these easy makeup application steps.

Some basic blending know-how will give you flawless skin and a clean canvas that will make the rest of your makeup pop.

Step 1:Apply a pea-size amount of primer over your entire face. If you have large pores opt for a pore perfector which will minimize their appearance and provide the base for your flawless makeup look. Applying primer is a necessary step, sealing in your moisture and natural oils to give your makeup more blendability and an even finish.

Fake Perfect Skin

Step 2:For blemishes and dark eye circles, apply concealer with a flat, stiff brush in short back-and-forth strokes. Use your finger to blot the concealer in. The heat and pressure from your fingers will give you the best results.

Step 3:Apply your fave foundation seal the product with a translucent powder. Apply the foundation on using a sponge, a foundation brush or your fingers, but be sure to use downwards motions especially around your mouth to avoid creating a foundation mustache. After the foundation is blended into dust the translucent powder over using a powder brush.

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