Fall 2020 Goddess Eyes Makeup Trend

Fall 2020 Goddess Eyes Makeup Trend

Fall 2020 Goddess Eyes Makeup Trend

The importance of makeup is sometimes underestimated by women, but makeup actually plays a very important role in physical appearance, being able to completely transform the look of a person in a positive or a negative way, depending on how the makeup is applied.

The 2020 fall makeup trends look stunning, diverse and suit the fashion trends perfectly, allowing women to benefit from a variety of styles which are meant to enhance natural beauty by placing an accent on different facial features. The fall 2020 goddess eye makeup trend manages to stand out by far from the others, due to its fabulous look and eye popping effects. The eyes are believed to the gateway to the soul so emphasizing them will only aid your natural beauty.

Applying the eye makeup correctly is a must if you wish to obtain the perfect look especially since people don’t have the same eye shape, thus don’t benefit from the same eye makeup styles.

Adapting the makeup to your eye shape is a must if you want to create a stylish and elegant look that suits you. If applied correctly, makeup can help conceal your flaws while emphasizing your best features. In order to create a fabulous goddess eyes makeup suitable for the 2020 fall season try to go for one of the following options that suits you best:

Fall 2020 Goddess Eyes Makeup Trend Fall 2020 Goddess Eyes Makeup Trend

Faded eye makeup The faded style is absolutely amazing and creates almost the same effect as the smokey eye makeup, enhancing the eyes as much as possible without using too much color. Drawing attention towards the eyes can be done perfectly using an eyeliner to contour the gorgeous shape of the eye and maybe correct it if necessary.

The eyeshadow is applied using a professional brush on the eyelids, close to the lash line on both upper and lower lashes. An eyeliner can be used to trace a soft line on the upper lid just to make the eyes appear bigger and much more defined. For this type of makeup dark colors are used such as black or dark grays in shimmery colors to give the eyes a more glamorous, goddess effect. The finishing touch is given by a black colored mascara which makes the lashes longer and thicker.

Fall 2020 Goddess Eyes Makeup Trend Fall 2020 Goddess Eyes Makeup Trend Fall 2020 Goddess Eyes Makeup Trend Fall 2020 Goddess Eyes Makeup Trend

Dramatic eye makeup This type of makeup takes you towards ancient times, times when Egyptians used dark colored eye makeup to enhance their facial features. The dark, matte copper or black eyeshadows attract a generous amount of attention towards the eyes, making this makeup style perfect for women who are not afraid of standing out. A touch of eyeliner is applied on the lash line to contour the eyes and the eyeshadow is applied on the eyelid to create a dramatic, eye popping effect. A lighter shade eyeshadow is applied on the brow bone to highlight the shape of the eyes and create a more finished look. Black colored mascara applied on the eyelashes create the final result of this fabulous makeup style.

Choose the makeup style that suits you best and apply a primer before any makeup applied in order to emphasize the color of the eyeshadow as well as prolong its stay. Photo viaifashionstyles.com