Great Beauty Uses for Oatmeal

Great Beauty Uses for Oatmeal

You should know that oats are very rich in fiber, iron, omega-3 fatty acids and avenanthramides, antioxidants that are believed to regulate blood sugar. They can also lower bad cholesterol levels and boost your immune system. Luckily for you, their benefits don’t end here. Check out the following beauty uses of oatmeal!

Oats Skin Benefits: Acne Treatment

One of the best oats skin benefits is in treating acne. There are people that claim that this can actually be a very effective natural remedy in fighting acne. So, if you want to try it out, these are the steps to follow. Just cook the amount of oatmeal you desire and let it cool until warm. Afterwards, apply this nutritive treatment over the affected area and let it sit for about 10 minutes. In the end, rinse it off with warm water and get ready to flaunt a healthy-looking skin.

Oatmeal Benefits for Skin: Soothe Dry Skin

Great Beauty Uses for Oatmeal

Sometimes, due to the cold weather outside, your skin starts to become dry and gets irritated. Here’s where another great oatmeal benefit for skin steps in. Oatmeal can have a soothing action against poison ivy or sunburns and it’s also considered to be effective in opening up pores and healing the skin. And if you aren’t convinced just yet, you should know that there are many cosmetic creams and other beauty products that contain this natural ingredient. Also, cosmeticians use oatmeal due to its amazing benefits for your skin.

Oatmeal Beauty Benefits: Glowing Skin

Glowing skin should also be included amongst the greatest oatmeal beauty benefits. This product has saponins, chemicals that have good cleansing properties. Plus, their foaming and emulsifying properties make them great choices for shampoos and detergents. Moreover, oatmeal is believed to be the ideal ingredient if you want to use it as a cleanser, soap or even face mask. Either way, the result will be great: you’ll get to restore your skin’s natural glow.

Plus, for those of you interested in a quick fix, this is a very nutritive cleanser. You should mix whole oatmeal with a bit of honey and warm water and rub it onto your complexion. This way, you’ll get to thoroughly cleanse your face and you’ll also relieve inflammations, due to honey’s antibacterial properties.

Oats Skin Benefit: Relaxing Bath

Great Beauty Uses for Oatmeal

Do you long for a relaxing bath? If your answer’s yes, you should definitely take a look at this oats skin benefit. Fill your tub with warm water and pour in a cup of plain oatmeal. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (for example lavender or orange blossom) and let it work its magic for about 20 minutes. Oatmeal will lock moisture in while your essential oil will create the perfect aromatherapy atmosphere. An excellent way to end a busy working week indeed!

Great Beauty Use of Oatmeal: Dry Shampoo

Here’s to another great beauty use of oatmeal! This product is excellent at reducing the aspect of dirty hair. If you’re a gorgeous blond, this might be the perfect solution for removing excess oil. You should brush a light oat powder over your locks. Thus, you’ll get to soak up the excess oil and restore your scalp’s health. Plus, oatmeal is also thought to be a great remedy for itchy scalp. If this description sounds familiar, you should definitely use this great natural product. You’ll be pleased with its great beauty benefits!

Other Uses of Oatmeal

Removing odors might seem one of the most surprising uses of oatmeal because not everyone knows about this practice. Some people recommend taking an open container and adding a bit of oatmeal in before placing it in your fridge to neutralize odors. Furthermore, you can also use this product to line ashtrays as it is believed to be able to neutralize the smell of smoke.

Are you ready to find out about another interesting use of oatmeal? You should know that oatmeal can turn out to be a great nontoxic modeling clay! Don’t be afraid to explore your creativity, as it’s the perfect choice if you want to sculpt different bowls or figurines. Just mix a cup of instant oats with water and flour, and let it harden overnight.

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