Haircuts for Curly Hair Types

Haircuts for Curly Hair Types

Curly hair is known for its fragility and high maintenance. Moreover, when it comes to finding the perfect haircut, but also proper styling, you can say that good days are over and you are about to enter on a mined field. Still, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. Your so-called untamed locks shouldn’t be an impediment to go for flattering and stylish haircuts.

Here are a few examples for you to draw your inspiration from and be ready to wear your adorable curls with pride and self-confidence. From shorter to medium and long haircuts, everything is possible for those mesmerizing long curls of yours.

Curly hair can look stunning, regardless of its length, especially when it is well taken care of. If you are not too convinced that you want to give up to your beautiful long curls, you still have the possibility to find the best version for you, despite the fact that long curly hair requires more maintenance than any other hair types. Long curls are often very wild and frizzy. In order to avoid this, you should add soft layers into them. Layers will help you control your curls and if you make a side parting, you’ll have less volume. The best thing about long curly haircuts is that despite the fact that they don’t allow so many haircuts, you can instead choose among a wide variety of hairstyles.

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Short hairstyles can be so hot on your naturally curly hair! If your face shape and features allow you to, you can choose a short haircut for your curls. However, as this type of haircut totally emphasizes and draws the attention towards your face, being a real forward-facing crop, you should be very attentive and find a flattering one. From extremely short haircuts to soft, choppy layers, from rock to retro, from bohemian to wild, there is a wide range of short haircuts for curly hair. For example, a pixie haircut can easily be made on curly hair. This low maintenance short cut can bring femininity to your looks, especially if you have sweet facial features. As it is so short, you just need a styling product, your fingers and you are ready in no time.

There are some women whose curls are not very well defined and styling them becomes a real challenge. In this case, a ’60s inspired short haircut suits the best. Characterized by longer bangs and shorter hair at the nape of the neck, this amazing cut screams femininity and sweetness. Use some hair wax for styling. If your hair is rather thin and curly, another cut that implies a minimum amount of effort to do is the “ à la garçonne” style that flawlessly frames the face. For the more daring personalities, a short curly hair can become a punk-rock style statement. For a more edgy style, try the undercut, shaving the sides and leaving your curls on top.

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If a short haircut is more practical, medium-length hairstyles are rather versatile. As the excessive bulk is the worst enemy of curls, one must visit the hairdresser in order to solve the problem. Layers are the best solution for both short and medium-length curly hair. They give a great structure to your look and are easier to style. You can also try a curly bob that makes it easier to play with different hairstyles, especially retro and glamorous ones, but also add mesmerizing hair accessories to complete your looks.

Even though you might find it rather hard to give up to your long curls, you should know that medium works amazing on curly hair. In fact, this tends to be one of the best choices for those of you who have curls. First of all, this length allows a myriad of styling possibilities and suits almost every type of face shape. So, you can dare and cut your curly hair to shoulder-length and have layers done into it. It is so appropriate when wishing for something more fresh that can radically change your look.

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