Hairstyle Tips for On-the-Go Girls

Hairstyle Tips for On-the-Go Girls

Whether you have short or long hair and regardless your hair type, with a few styling tools and products, you can quickly get a wow-worthy hairstyle giving it a little spin. Don’t have enough time to make a stylish ‘do? Get gorgeous in minutes with some smart hairstyle tips for on-the-go-girls who don’t want to look like they’ve tried too hard.

Shorter hair will always look hot and fresh. From cute pixies to chic bobs, above-the-shoulder hairstyles might sometimes prove to be a little harder to handle than medium or long hair. However, when you’re in a hurry just rub some wax or gel through your fun ‘do and you’ll see that the effects achieved can be so chic. If your hair is longer at the front, use this thing in your advantage. This is an edgy crop, extremely versatile and perfect if you want to add instant drama to your look. Create a side parting and backcomb the fringe section for maximum attitude. Or, you can opt for a smoother approach and apply some serum at the ends.

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Pretty braids are always a statement. Plus, the best thing about this style is that it is so quick and easy to achieve. You can create so many different looks with braids. Not enough time for a complicated hairstyle? Make a half-up and hold it with cute braids on both sides. Moreover, if you want to bring a personal touch, add a hair accessory.

For romantic girls who are more into the boho style, a sideways French braid can look stunning. This ‘do is so lovely and suitable for all occasions. You just have to make a side parting and a single French braid on one side, along the hairline, and leave the rest of your hair straight or create gorgeous, soft waves.

Braids, braids, braids! As we have seen, from little to bigger, the simple braid can completely change your overall appearance. The already legendary loose, side braid is the go-to style for a quick hair fix. On the other hand, you can work with your hair in order to create elegant updos with braided details. Start by making a center parting, do one braid on each side and then gather your hair into a low bun.

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Want to feel effortlessly ladylike and stylish? Well, this next hairstyle is for you. Take one section of hair right at the front of your crown. Pay attention so you don’t grab the side pieces. Backcomb that section using a fine-toothed comb and apply a quick spritz of hairspray. Pull it back and secure it with bobby pins. For a more retro-chic version, backcomb the hair at your crown so you create a classic ‘hive and pin it at the back of your head.

Retro, backcombed, messy, low, high, elegant, any ponytail you can name, this is one of those ‘dos that can be worn day or night and still look amazing. Bring out your sweeter side with a super-cute pony that never fails when it comes to the style challenge. The classy pony with a hair section wrapped around the elastic band is chic and sophisticated.

No other ‘do can add so much glamour and cutesy than the timeless bun. It always looks utterly feminine and practically effortless and it takes seconds to do. Whether you opt for the messy version or for the polished one, this wearable hairstyle is definitely bound to draw all the attention. For a speedy styling, create a pony, wrap it around itself and pin it in place. Backcomb hair at the front and at the crown for a disheveled, yet sassy look.

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