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Hairstyles from the 2020 Emmy Awards

Hairstyles from the 2020 Emmy Awards

The 62nd edition of Emmy Awards was without a doubt one of the most interesting red carpet events of the year from multiple points of view. While the anticipation and excitement to see which of the nominees will eventually become the grand winners was perhaps the most important component of the show, the focus was also directed towards the fashion and style choices various celebrities made for the event, as they have a tremendous influence on the choices many beauty conscious women tend to make about their own style. Many celebrities have proven that they have the ability to become true role models, being an excellent source of inspiration for all those who are trying to make wise style choices.

Because the choices made at these events have the power to become some of the strongest beauty trends of the season, it’s worth analyzing the main style tendencies spotted on the red carpet to learn to perk up our own style and to be able to look our best. If we were to describe the outfits, makeup and hairstyles adopted by female celebrities in a single word, that word would be without a doubt glamor. For the most part, the hairstyles chosen were perfectly suitable for the event being extremely elegant and classic yet having a noticeable modern allure.

Hairstyles from the 2020 Emmy AwardsLo Bostworth/Getty ImagesHairstyles from the 2020 Emmy AwardsKim Kardashian/Getty ImagesHairstyles from the 2020 Emmy AwardsKate Gosselin/Getty ImagesHairstyles from the 2020 Emmy AwardsKeri Russel/Getty Images

The hairstyles chosen managed to achieve a surprising balance being a wonderful combination of a variety of different elements that managed to create the impression of understated elegance. While some celebrities decided to impress with perfectly styled tresses in a classical way, others adopted hairstyles that reflected a more playful, carefree attitude towards styling. Both of these attitudes were beneficial as they reflected the diversity of hairstyles that can be obtained using different hair styling concepts in various forms.

As it was expected, updo hairstyles were practically dominant on the red carpet under different forms, depending on the personality of each celebrity. Sleek updo hairstyles were an excellent choice for celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Emily Blunt, Lauren Graham, Emily Deschanel, Anna Paquin or Rita Wilson who chose to highlight their best features with hairstyles that managed to impress both because of their elegance, sexiness as well as their undeniable refinement.

Wavy updo hairstyles have proven to be an excellent alternative for those who decided to go for a more romantic and youthful look. Eva Longoria Parker, Keri Russell or Tanisha Hall looked absolutely amazing with loose wavy bun hairstyles. Other celebrities like Lo Bosworth, Edie Falco or Ann-Margaret chose to create volume and go for classic hairstyles with a subtle vintage vibe, following one of the most important hairstyles trends of the season.

Hairstyles from the 2020 Emmy AwardsEva Longoria Parker/Getty ImagesHairstyles from the 2020 Emmy AwardsRita Wilson/Getty ImagesHairstyles from the 2020 Emmy AwardsChristina Hendricks/Getty ImagesHairstyles from the 2020 Emmy AwardsKelly Osbourne/Getty ImagesHairstyles from the 2020 Emmy AwardsToni Colette/Getty ImagesHairstyles from the 2020 Emmy AwardsRutina Wesley/Getty Images

Loose wavy hairstyles were also among the top hairstyles many celebrities chose to highlight their natural beauty. This simple yet highly effective approach was used by an impressive number of celebrities. Christina Hendricks, Kelly Osbourne, Rutina Wesley, Sofia Vergara or Toni Collette managed to impress the audience with gorgeous styled waves that suited them perfectly regardless of their hair length. Other female celebrities adopted this idea in a different way, creating waves that were barely noticeable, being extremely subtle. Nancy Juvonen, Katrina Bowden, Lea Michele, Stephanie Pratt or Claire Danes decided to go for subtlety to be able to get a chic, girly, innocent looking hairstyle.

Hairstyles from the 2020 Emmy AwardsClaire Danes/Getty ImagesHairstyles from the 2020 Emmy AwardsLea Michele/Getty ImagesHairstyles from the 2020 Emmy AwardsStephanie Pratt/Getty ImagesHairstyles from the 2020 Emmy AwardsKatrina Bowden/Getty Images

Ponytail hairstyles also enchanted the eyes of the viewers being an undeniable proof that with a few subtle changes any casual hairstyle can be transformed into a flattering and worth admiring formal hairstyle. Julie Benz, Lucila Solá and Tina Fey managed to glam up ponytail hairstyles trough different ways and to make them more than suitable for the occasion.

Hairstyles from the 2020 Emmy AwardsTina Fey/Getty ImagesHairstyles from the 2020 Emmy AwardsJulie Benz/Getty Images

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