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Fashion Icons Under 30

Fashion Icons Under 30

Defining your style aesthetic at a young age is becoming easier and easier and some celebrities have truly ascended to the ranks of fashion icons even before they hit 30. Discover some of the most inspired young stars when it comes to fashion and find out how they’ve already constructed their style legacy.

From fashion entrepreuneurs like the Olsen twins to pop starts with a unique style or young Hollywood starlets that really work the real carpet, here are the fashion icons under 30 that can serve as inspiration for the younger generation.

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

Whether you call their style boho-chic or bohemian-bourgeois, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are clear innovators in the industry and they have plenty of collections and looks that prove it. The twins which first gained notoriety in the sitcom “Full House” have started they own couture fashion label, called “The Row”, and have collaborated on collections with retailers like J.C. Penney. Their latest collection was launched in 2020 in Norway, a collaboration with Bik Bok.

Fashion Icons Under 30

Lady Gaga

With an aesthetic that mixes excess with collage, Lady Gaga has morphed into a true fashion icon, despite the mixed rate of success for her more extravagant experiments. Unlike most pop stars, Lady Gaga plays an active part in the design of her outfits, with the help of the art and design collective “Haus of Gaga”, but has also collaborated with huge names in the fashion industry, including Donatella Versace.

Fashion Icons Under 30

Jennifer Lawrence

Even though the 25 year old actress claims stylists are responsible for all her amazing looks, she certainly has the flair to pull off any outfits that’s recommended to her. Between box-office winners like “The Hunger Games” and award-winning films, Jennifer Lawrence has gained a lot of credibility as an actress and has managed to shift it into fashion cred as well. Her long-standing collaboration with Dior has turned into a fashion icon for young girls everywhere.

Fashion Icons Under 30


The Barbados-born beauty considers Princess Diana as her biggest fashion influence, but her style is a lot more versatile. While Lady Gaga goes for more conceptual fashion, Rihanna has started countless trends and redefined cool for a lot of young women. Confidence and experimentation has helped her develop a unique style, that’s both instantly recognizable and very influential, whether it comes to accessories or hairstyles.

Fashion Icons Under 30

Grimes/Claire Boucher

The Canadian singer Claire Boucher, internationally known as Grimes, has quickly turned into an alternative fashion icon thanks to her eclectic style. Without ever trying too hard, Grimes has become a true style visionary for teens and young women. After launching her own fashion blog and appearing in the pages of Vogue Magazine, Grimes can easily transition between DYI fashion enthusiast to haute couture cover girl.

Fashion Icons Under 30

Miranda Kerr

After gaining notoriety in 2020 as a Victoria’s Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr became one of the most sought after models in the world. She may be already 30, but nobody can deny her place among the new generation of fashion icons, thanks to her street style notoriety and usually successful fashion experiments. Praising her grandmother as her absolute style icon, Miranda Kerr has retained her fashion forward style even after becoming a mother.

Fashion Icons Under 30

Miley Cyrus

After beginning her career as part of the Disney empire, Miley Cyrus has reinvented herself into a fashion icon for countless young girls. Her experiments have been called everything from brilliant to tacky, but her fashion influence can’t be denied. Miley sometimes takes thing a big too far when it comes to her stage outfits, but her red carpet appearances are much more hit than miss.

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