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Half Sleeve Tattoos for Men

Half Sleeve Tattoos for Men

Created to unite a collection of smaller tattoos or to transform a brand new design into body art, half sleeve tattoos for men are gaining popularity thanks to famous celebrities and athletes who sport this edgy look.

Half sleeve tattoos for men cover the entire upper or lower arm with an intricate design usually connected by a common theme. They can sometimes take weeks or even months to complete but offer a look so popular that some buy special shirts to replicate this style of body art for men.

Men’s Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

The most popular place for half sleeve tattoos for men is the upper arm since they’re both less painful and easier to cover up. An upper arm half sleeve provides more space and a brand new body art piece that doesn’t need to connect existing tattoos is easier to design.

Start by finding the theme that’s right for you, don’t try to put together the half sleeve tattoo from cool but separate pieces that have nothing in common.

Half Sleeve Tattoos for MenHalf Sleeve Tattoos for Men

Once you’ve got a few ideas, discuss them with a tattoo artist and browse through their design book to add pieces that fit with your general theme. Ask the body art expert to trace the half sleeve on your skin before inking it, so you can make any necessary modifications ahead of time.

When choosing the best men’s half sleeve tattoo designs for your arm one should always take into consideration the different angles on your arm and the way the tattoo wraps around it.

Half Sleeve Tattoos for MenHalf Sleeve Tattoos for Men

Sleeve Tattoo Themes and Half Sleve Design

Don’t choose a very intricate design with lots of shading if this is your first tattoo. After the outline is done in one or two sessions, most half sleeve tattoos for men need even longer for the shading.

Half Sleeve Tattoos for MenHalf Sleeve Tattoos for Men

Make sure you’re pleased with the overall theme and individual designs before the inking process starts. Removing older tattoos for a brand new design can be painful and your skin also needs some healing time before the new piece of body art is inked.

If you don’t want your tattoo to be visible even when you’re wearing short sleeves, forget about the half sleeve and go for the quarter sleeve, that covers a smaller area but can be equally satisfying in the long run.

Half Sleeve Tattoos for MenHalf Sleeve Tattoos for Men

Celebs who Sport a Half Sleeve Tattoo

The most recent celebrities to display a cool new half sleeve include Harry Styles and Zayn Malik from the band One Direction. The look was also popularized by Eminem, Pauly D and Vinny from Jersey Shore and David Beckham who’s almost sporting two full sleeve tattoos at the moment, adding new designs regularly to his body art.

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