Hipster Hairstyles for Boys

Hipster Hairstyles for Boys

Hipster Hairstyles for Boys

The Hipster catchphrase equals fashion- and identity-consciousness as well as freedom for expression and non-conformism. No doubt the Williamsburg, Brooklyn neighborhood microcosm has extended to the whole planet and has popularized the hipster trend and lifestyle adopted by millions of teens who long for the unusual expression of words and music.

Setting their own fashion and hairstyle trends is one of their chief tendencies. Indeed, the movement lives a controversial life in the public belief. Some consider it an anti- some on the contrary and extremely pro-fashion trend.

The hip outfits can be spotted from a huge distance, radiating the “I know fashion, but I’m not into it” attitude that was soon paired with some groovy and original men hairstyle options.

More and more boys sport the latest hip haircuts topping the effect with the signature accessories. There are indeed common traits that characterize their dos, dividing the tendencies into the classy and more tousled category.

Hipster Hairstyles for Boys Hipster Hairstyles for Boys Hipster Hairstyles for Boys

Classy Gent Style

This is one of the most common hairstyle tendencies among hipsters. Indeed, contrasting the messy and slightly tousled do, those who opt for this stream should take into account that these styles can be at least said high-maintenance. In order to preserve the polished look it is vital to perfect your shaping skills and use basic hair styling products.

There’s no need to cross the limits when it comes to adding a classy gent look to your strands, the key is to keep the angles and lines fine and delimited.

Bangs are top notch details especially when creating the textbook style hip hairdo. Devote a few extra-minutes to revive your tresses whether you go for the simple or more refined dos.

Hipster Hairstyles for Boys Hipster Hairstyles for Boys Hipster Hairstyles for Boys

Shaggy Hipster Hairstyle

Sloppy hairstyles are popular dos of hipster dudes. Those who dream of a fuss-free hairstyling often find refuge in shaggy tresses. The often greasy looking careless locks create the relaxed look that is one of the trademarks of hipsters. Whether you really skip the basic hair hygiene or fake it, the point is to use your creativity to tousle and purposely mess your hair.

Experiment with the basic hair styling products designed for men and unfold the inner hip in yourself. The bed-head hairdos these guys sport flash the main principles of hipster lifestyle and world-view.

Pulling off your own styling fantasies is the secret to maintain you freedom and strip off the clichés. Use your fingers and a drop of gel to make the magic happen!

Hipster Hairstyles for Boys Hipster Hairstyles for Boys Hipster Hairstyles for Boys

Curly/Wavy Hairstyles

Pair this hairstyle with both short, medium and even longer hair in order to give texture to your tresses. There’s no need to skip this do if you have ultra-fine hair. This hair dressing technique will add volume to your strands creating the illusion of dense hair.

Keep away from being a poser for the sake of belonging to a certain movement. Instead, be a hip if your really feel like doing it. This is in fact what hipsters really believe in. Wear their clothes and sport their hairstyles if you can really identify with them in both lifestyle and attitude. Gather tons of confidence by polishing your look and match the clear-cut outfit to a true-to-hip hairdo.