How Healthy Is Your Hair?

How Healthy Is Your Hair?

There are several methods that can reveal you how damaged is your hair without visiting a hair salon. The hair responds to all kinds of impulses, through these rituals you’ll be able to see whether you need professional help or a quick deep conditioning treatment would be enough to avoid the occurrence of a disaster.

Each hair problem manifests itself in a different way, if you’ll learn how to identify them, you’ll be bale to use the proper tools and techniques to banish them. Devote some time to your tresses for a spotless and glowing hairstyle. Follow these tips on finding out how healthy is your hair.

Frizz Test

Frizz is a great problem especially if you don’t know how to banish it. There are several signs that your strands might be more prone to become frizzy. It’s time to find out with a useful trick whether this hair problem is at the beginning or it already got into a more severe state.

The balloon trick is one of the most well-known and tested ones among the hair damage testers. All you have to do is to rub a balloon to the crown of your hair and spot the static strands. If there are numerous than this is the perfect moment to do something against it. However if the rate is normal than the hair is healthy.

How Healthy Is Your Hair?

Smoothness Test

The smoothness of the hair is just as essential since this is the factor that allows the strands to be detangled without breakage. Soft hair is undoubtedly the sign of healthy hair paired with the natural glow.

Prepare for this little test by grabbing a ribbon. Besides creating a stylish hairdo you’ll be able to see whether the follicles are spotless and the hair is smooth enough to resist any damage.

First and foremost plait your hair and after 2-3 steps add a ribbon to the strands. Plaiting it into the pattern will provide you with the necessary information on smoothness.

After you are done with braiding rinse it with water and wait until the ribbon unravels. The faster is does the smoother and softer your strands really are.

Detangling Test

Often both sleek and curly strands might have tangles that harden the brushing. More. These can lead to several damages if we expose our hair to pulling and torture. It is vital to keep our tresses smooth and tangle-free in order to maintain its health. The best way to identify the severity of the damage it is recommended to once in a while include this tiny ritual in the daily hair care routine.

After you washed your hair get a wide-tooth comb and slide the comb through the wet strands and notice how far you can get without stumbling into an obstacle. The lower you get the better it is, since this guarantees that your hair can be easily manageable.

Shine Test

Who can deny that having a naturally glowing shiny happy hair is not a quality. Our hair care rituals determine the condition of our strands. The worse it gets the worse the strands will feel and become deteriorated. There’s nothing more soothing than to find out that our tresses are healthy and need only a tiny care and effort to look amazing.

Here’s the test that should be effectuated for identifying the shine rate of your hair. Use a round brush to wrap up your hair with it from top to tip. Stands at a natural light and raise the brush to see whether it really shine. The greater the shine streak is the better.

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