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How Mustard Oil Help for Grey Hair to Turn Black

Most of the young individual are facing hair problem like grey hair, hair fall, thinning and dry hair. There are lot of modern ways to reduce them. There are many treatments and medicines. But again it is artificial ways. It is always suggested to try home remedies for such problems. They are organic and safe. Try mustard oil for grey hairs. It is effective and has no side-effects.

Benefits of Mustard Oil for Premature Grey Hair:

Here are few natural ways to use mustard oil for grey hair in men and women.

1. Mustard oil for Premature Grey Hair:

Mustard Oil for Grey Hair

Normally we lose the colour of our hair after the age of 50. It is due to reduction of melanin production. But due to our unhealthy lifestyle many of younger people face greying of hair in early age like 20-30. It can be stopped by applying mustard oil regularly.

2. Mustard Oil Reversing Grey Hair:

Mustard Oil Reversing Grey Hair 2

Since majority of young population is suffering from premature grey hair, mustard oil can help to reverse the greying of hair. Massaging mustard oil increases the melanin production. This increased production of melanin darkens the hair, thus helping you to reverse your grey hair.

3. Mustard Oil Benefits for Grey Hair:

Mustard Oil Benefits for Grey Hair

In the north, it is very cold during winters. Mustard oil has properties to increase body temperature. Hence mustard oil is massaged on regular bases. It helps to curb greying of hair. It is said to even reverse the greying.

4. Mustard Oil Prevents Grey Hair:

Mustard Oil Prevents Grey Hair

If you have a history premature greying of hair, doctor would advise you to refrain from using chemical products with perfume and alcohol. Heated treatments like straightening should also be avoided. He would suggest you to regularly massage mustard oil.

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5. Mustard Oil with Henna Leaves for Grey Hair Issues:

Mustard Oil with Henna Leaves for Grey Hair Issues

Henna is age old remedy for all problems of hair mostly grey hair too. Heat mustard oil and add handful of henna leaves slowly. When they turn brown, switch off the heat. Cool it. Strain it and apply this oil overnight. You will see results within few weeks. One of the good benefits you will get by this treatment.

6. Mustard Oil for Regrowth of Hair with Cure for Greying Hair:

Mustard Oil for Regrowth of Hair with Cure for Greying Hair

Mustard oil is said to be best cure for hair loss and premature grey hair. Once hair becomes grey they often tend to shed. This is stopped by mustard oil. Alternate day application of mustard oil surely helps to curb this problem.

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7. Fenugreek Seed with Mustard Oil:

Fenugreek Seed with Mustard Oil

This one is ideal remedy for hair loss with greying of hair. Soak the fenugreek seed in mustard oil overnight. Heat the oil till seeds turn grey. Let the oil cool down. Apply it for 2-4 hours. Wash it with shampoo. You should do it twice a week to see amazing results.

8. Mustard Oil with Curry Leaves:

Mustard Oil with Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are rich in antioxidants, amino-acids and vitamins that stimulate growth of hair. Take hand full of curry leaves and heat them in mustard oil till they get soaked. Let it cool. Apply this oil for and leave it for 2 hours. Wash with shampoo. This oil will help to regenerate damage hair follicle and help to stop hair becomes grey.

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9. Mustard Oil with Coconut Oil for Premature Grey Hair:

Coconut oil 456156

Oiling of hair is every Indian household routine. Oiling is done prior to hair wash. Mustard oil with coconut oil is the best way to deeply condition your hair. Take equal quantities of both the oil. Heat it till it is Luke warm. Gently apply it on the scalp. Wash it with shampoo after 2 hours. This is perfect for dry scalp and Issues who are facing premature grey hair problems.

Mustard oil is the most used oil in India. It is known to strengthen your hair and give your hair right shine and colour. Its anti-bacterial properties and anti-fungal properties help your hair become healthy.

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