How to Apply Make-up Tips

How to Apply Make-up Tips

Make-up is one of the greatest inventions in the cosmetic industry, because it can be used to enhance certain facial features and conceal certain flaws of the skin. Make-up can help improve a persons appearance if used properly.

Make-up can be traced back to ancient times, about 5000 years ago. Scientists discovered a tomb of a woman who was buried near Babylon, a woman who had buried with her something which appeared to be a lipstick. Obviously it wasn’t the kind of lipstick we use today, it was a lipstick made from crushed semiprecious stones. They were smeared on the lips to add color. Eye and lip make-up was highly popular in ancient Egyptian times, when Cleopatra ruled Egypt. Men and women used kohl as eyeliner to enhance their eyes, just like in the present. Cleopatra used crushed carmine beetles and ants to color her lips red.

Make-up has been highly appreciated from ancient times until the present, and it will most certainly still be in the future.

The best way to begin when it comes to make-up is by making sure you start with a clean complexion. Use a facial scrub to remove all the dead skin cells which could end up blocking your pores, causing breakouts. Exfoliating will also ensure that the skin is soft, making it perfect for make-up application. After scrubbing it is necessary to apply a moisturizing face cream suitable for your type of complexion.

How to Apply Make-up Tips How to Apply Make-up Tips

Before putting on the foundation, which is what most of us do, it is best to hide any imperfections which show on the skin. Thy can be masked using a concealer. After the concealer has done his job, foundation can be applied. Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone and your type of complexion. You can test the foundation on the back of your hand to see if it matches because the skin on the hand is the closest to our complexion. Make sure you apply the foundation quickly and evenly using your fingers, a brush or a foundation sponge. Make sure to blend the foundation on your neck to make a smooth transition from your face to your neck. Pat loose powder over the entire area where foundation was applied to set it and minimize shine. Dust the excess powder off using a brush.

When it comes to eye make-up there are so many things you can do. You can apply the make-up according to the shape of your eyes, the color of your eyes as light or as powerful as you wish. Lighter tones should be used preferably during the day, and stronger colors for night time. Use a pencil eyeliner to contour your eyes during the day and a liquid eyeliner during the night because the liquid eyeliner will be much more visible than the pencil one. You can opt for a newer version of eyeliner, the gel eyeliner if you wish. After you apply the desired eyeshadow, take a lash curler and curl your upper lashes. Apply a mascara in the desired shade on the upper and lower lashes to complete your look.

How to Apply Make-up Tips

Don not forget to groom your eyebrows. Your eyebrows should always look well groomed in order for them to look their best. Well shaped eyebrows can absolutely transform and improve a persons appearance. Use a dark brown or a black eyeshadow and an angled brush to contour and fill in your eyebrows.

For the cheek area you ca use a little bit of warm colored blush. It is best if you choose a rosy or peachy color, in order to obtain a more natural effect. Apply the blush using your fingers or a brush on the cheekbones horizontally if you wish to emphasize width, or vertically if you wish to emphasize length.

When it comes to your lips you can decide what works best for you. You can contour your lips with a lip liner if you wish to add fullness to your lips or you can just add lipstick or lip gloss. Wear a lip plumping gloss if you wish to make your lips appear fuller. Choose a clear lip gloss if you have a strong eye make-up, and choose a strong vivid colored lipstick like red or neon pink if you haven’t accentuated your eyes. It is best to accentuate either your eyes or your lips, never both because it will be too much.

Lear how to apply make-up on your type of complexion, eye shape in order to bring out the best of your facial features. Make-up is supposed to make you look more radiant and flawless so wear make-up and have fun with it.

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