How to Care for Combination Hair Type

How to Care for Combination Hair Type

How many times haven’t you been confused about your hair? It looked oily but it also felt dry towards the ends, making you wonder what type of hair you have in the end. Well this type of hair is a combination between oily hair and dry hair. I order to keep your hair looking healthy and prevent it from damage you need to know how to care for it.

Your tresses are one of your most treasured possessions and you should always make sure that it’s well maintained and healthy. A well balanced eating plan isn’t the only thing your tresses need in order to look shiny and healthy, a proper hair care routine is also needed.

The combination hair type is very common especially on people with long hair, curly and frizzy hair. It is usually a problematic hair type, a hair type that is difficult to understand at first. A good combination hair care should start with proper hair washing. As you know your hair is dry and oily at the dame time so you shouldn’t use products that are destined for oily hair or dry hair either.

Shampoos for oily hair will strip the oils that you need on the dry parts of the hair, causing it to become even more dry, and shampoos for dry hair will make your oily hair appear even more oily. This is why the hair should be washed with shampoos especially designed for normal hair. Do not insist on washing the ends of you hair, insist on cleaning the scalp because that is where the oily part is. Use only a little bit of shampoo, and use the foam that has formed to clean the ends of the hair. You don’t even need to insist just let the suds sit a little bit on the ends of your dry hair and they will be cleaned.

Do not insist on over cleaning your hair because your scalp will be stripped of all the sebum it needs to protect the hair. If the scalp detects a lack of sebum it will only produce even more.

How to Care for Combination Hair Type How to Care for Combination Hair Type

Wash your hair with lukewarm water to avoid damaging the dry ends of your hair. Heat is the enemy of moisture and it is among the first things responsible for damaging and drying the hair.

Always apply conditioner on the dry part of your hair. Do not apply any conditioner on the oily part of the hair close to the scalp because this will only cause the hair to become more oily. Apply a deep conditioning treatment to tresses at least once a week to restore the hair’s moisture. Rinse the conditioner out using cold water to close the cuticles and set the moisture in.

Do not blow dry, flat iron or use a curling iron on your hair too often because heat produced by these styling products will only accentuate the dryness of the hair. Let the hair air dry as often as possible to reduce the dryness. Do not rub the ends of the hair when you towel dry because the friction caused by the rubbing hairs will only cause hairs to break. Dry hair is prone to breakage so it should be styled and handled with care.

Make sure you trim the ends of your hair every couple of months to ensure that any split ends are removed and your tresses are growing out healthy.