How to Do a Bikini Wax at Home

How to Do a Bikini Wax at Home

Summer is around the corner so you need to prepare yourself in order to look gorgeous in your bathing suit. In order to look good in your bikini your hair needs to be removed.

You can remove hair either through shaving or waxing. Shaving your hair is not best solution to remove hair because it will grow back in a day or two so it is not very efficient, moreover you can get nasty razor bumps.

Waxing however can remove hair with great results giving a smooth surface for a few weeks. When you decide to wax you can remove as much hair as you wish.

You can only wax your bikini line or you can go for the full area, depending on how much pain can you bear. Keep in mind that there is going to be less pain the more often you wax.

How to Do a Bikini Wax at Home

To wax you will need the following before you begin:

– wax– large wooden spatula– muslin– baby powder or talc powder– after hair removal lotion

Your hair has to be at least ¼ inch long for the wax to be able to grab to it and pull it out. Cleanse the area with an antiseptic product. Dry the area and apply the powder on. Dust the excess powder off and apply the wax on a relatively small area using the spatula. Make sure the wax is not too hot so test it on the inside of your wrist first – the wax should have the consistency of honey.

Wax should be applied in a thin layer in the direction of the hair growth.

Place the muslin strip on the wax making sure that the muslin adheres to the wax by rubbing the strip in the direction of the hair growth. Pull out the muslin strip quickly in the opposite way of the hair growth keeping the skin taut and place your hand over the area to sooth it. Don’t keep the wax on the skin for too long because it will harden.

Repeat until you have removed the hair you wanted. When you are finished apply the after wax lotion. If you have any hairs left you can pluck them out using a pair of tweezers.


If you have any wax left on your skin rub it off with a cotton pad dabbed in olive oil.Take a pill of ibuprofen half an hour before you wax to make the waxing less painful.Don’t wax if you are on antibiotics.Don’t shower right after you wax because you can irritate your skin.Exfoliate your skin to prevent ingrown hairs.

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