How to Do Eye Makeup Perfectly?

Applying eye makeup isn’t as scary as it looks especially when you’re standing in the center of a makeup aisle. Once you learn the basis, you can do your own eye makeup like a professional. There are lots of tried and tested eye makeup tips and tricks which I’m going to share today with you. Note these basics and follow them…. It’s not at all difficult.

How to Do Eye Makeup:

Prime your eyes: The first step is to prime eyelids with the help of eye-primer. Eyelids are the greasiest part of face and that is why makeup doesn’t stay for long, if you prime your eyes before doing eye-makeup, it will stay for a longer time. You can also reduce the oiliness by applying alcohol-free makeup remover and then dusting loose powder over eyelid. This will give you oil free eyelids and will also increase your eye-makeup staying power.

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Eyeliner: Eye-makeup is never completed without eyeliner but beginners go wrong while applying eyeliner and this can ruin the whole look. You can use liquid, pencil and gel eyeliner for application.

• Liquid liner: Liquid eyeliners are intense, shiny and long lasting but applying liquid liner can be tricky. For a neat look, rest your elbow on a flat and stable surface. Now apply short lines instead of applying eyeliner in one go, this will give you even and straight eye liner.

• Pencil Eyeliner: applying pencil eyeliner is very easy, apply a stroke directly on eyelids and you’re done. You can also smudge pencil eyeliners for a more dramatic eye-makeup look.

• Gel Eyeliners: gel eyeliners are the latest trend and for applying such eyeliner applicator matters the most. You should use a good thin and angled brush for applying gel eyeliners. Sweep the applicator in the gel eyeliner pot and start applying from the middle of the eyelid because the brush contains extra product and if you will start from the corner of the eyes then it will not look neat and clean. Now, spread the eyeliner to left and right. ?

For clean application, pull the corner of eye outward with finger and then start applying eyeliner in straight line. And I would suggest you to use pencil eyeliner as it’s the easiest to use and you will not have any problem using it.

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Eyeshadow: Never apply Eyeshadow with fingers and sponge, always use a good eye shadow brush to get professional look. Always apply light color eye shadow on brow bone, medium shade on crease and dark eye shadow shade on crease. If you’re using cream based eye-shadow then keep in mind that “less is more” and use light and less eye shadow. For application, use soft, gentle strokes as harder strokes can lead to messy eye-makeup look. If you’re using more than two eye shadow shades then blend them properly with fingers or tapered blending brush. If you’re new with eye makeup then try single colored eye-look as it will save you from blending two colors. After, completing the look…..use q-tips dipped in eye-makeup remover and remove smudged eye shadow or any fall out’s.

Mascara: Look straight and take the wand out from the mascara tube. Place the wand on the upper side of your eye lashes and move it upwards with a back-and-forth motion. This will give you curled up effect and will also add volume to your lashes. Apply 2-3 coats and don’t blink your eyes until the mascara is not dried. Always start applying mascara with bottom lashes to avoid mess. For lower lashes, apply the mascara only on the highest, curved point near the root as it will make your eyes open.

To avid eye lash clumping, allow the first coat of mascara to dry and then only apply second coat. Use q-tips dipped in eye makeup remover if your mascara gets in touch with your eyelids.

Eyebrow: Eyebrows can make or break your entire look, so if you have thin or light eye brows then fill them correctly for a more defined look. To fill eye brow correctly, use a brown bow-pencil…. Never use black pencil as it will look unnatural and bad.

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How to fill brows:

Tweeze extra hairs without disturbing the shape of your eye brow; this will give to defined look. You can also use brow razor for this which is easily available in the market.
With the brow pencil start filling the lower portion of the brow first in back and forth direction.

Now move to the center of the brow and use short brushstrokes to blend the eye shadow completely, this will give you natural look.

In the end, use clear brow gel to set the brows.

Few More tricks:

If you have small eyes then apply a thin line along inner lower eyelid with a white eye-pencil as it will make your eyes big. If you’re dusky then use golden beige eye pencil as it will compliment your complexion.
To make eyes appear smaller, apply eyeliner all over eyelid and use dark shades of eye shadows. If you’ve big eyes then you can rock smokey eye look as it will look great and will also make your eyes appear smaller.
For a simple everyday look, use colored eyeliner and apply dark kohl…..This trick is great for beginners who want beautiful and soft eye makeup look for daily.
Line your waterline to get that extra oomph in your eye makeup look. It makes lash line fuller and thick.
If you cannot create straight eyeliner line then smudge the whole look and it will give you a neat line which is very much “in” these days.
If you’re fair and have dark black eye brows then lighten them by bleaching them slightly to make them less harsh. Use face bleach and just apply for 3-4 minutes.