How To Do Gold Facial At Home

Gold Facial can be done on all skin types and has various advantages. It is becoming popular and now with the various beauty brands offering the facial kit, it can be done at home with a lot of ease and conveniently. Here are basic steps you need to follow to self-do a Gold Facial at home.

How To Do Gold Facial At Home:

A Good Gold Facial Kit:

Various gold facial kits are available in the market. All you need to do is get one from the stores and make sure it has a cleanser, a scrub, a massage cream and gold mask. In addition to these, you will need a good moisturizer towards the end of the facial.


Firstly, clean your face thoroughly with your regular face wash/ cleanser. Do not apply anything after washing the face. From the kit, take the Cleanser and apply spots all over the face paying special attention to cheeks, forehead and nose area that is prone to dirt accumulation. Now in gentle circular motions rub the cleanser on the face for 3 minutes. Gently wipe off using a moist tissue.

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Scrubbing is essential to get rid of the dead cells layer that develops on the skin with time. The removal of this layer brings brightness to the skin and helps get rid of impurities from the depth. Scrubbing also removes blackheads and whiteheads from the nose and chin area. To use, apply the facial scrub on your forehead and cheeks and massage in anti-clockwise direction paying special attention to dirty areas like sides of nose and lips. After scrubbing for about 10 minutes, leave the scrub on face for 5 minutes then clean with a towel dipped in warm water.

Gold Cream Massage:

Before applying the cream for massage, use a blackhead remover and squeeze off the blackheads gently. Take care that you do not damage the skin.

There is usually a massage cream or gel found in the kit that needs to be used here. It contains gold foil, gold powder, sandalwood, saffron, aloe vera extracts and wheat germ oil. These lighten and brighten the skin tone. Apply the cream on face and neck and massage in upward motions for 30 minutes. Emphasize the pressure points around the eyes and cheeks to get a relaxing feel.

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Gold Facial Mask:

gold facial

After removing the massage cream, apply the gold facial mask. It contains aloe vera, gold foil and turmeric. Its antioxidants replenish the skin and help it heal. It adds natural glow to the skin and is very refreshing. The aloe vera content helps in de-tanning and reduces the dark patches. Apply the mask evenly on the face. Let it dry completely for about 20 minutes. Then clean with a soft wet towel. Splash some water on the face and gently pat dry the skin. Make sure there are no leftovers of the pack on the skin.


Take little moisturizer and massage on the face and neck. This is to add a protective layer to the face. Make sure you do not use soap or face wash on the skin for at least 1-2 hours and let the facial work its magic. You can now see a noticeable difference on the skin and also feel so.

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Useful Tips:

  • Make sure you use clean towels and tissues and that the hands are clean before starting the facial.
  • At any time, do not use a lot of pressure on the face. Especially while scrubbing and using blackhead remover.
  • Do not experiment and mix products. One brand and one kit are sufficient.
  • Lastly, relax and enjoy the facial and be in no hurry. Also repeat it after an interval for better results.

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